April 8, 2016

NBA All Star Cliff Robinson To Pitch Marijuana Company ‘Uncle Spliffy’ At Portland ArcView Event

April 8, 2016
cliff robinson uncle spliffy marijuana cannabis
cliff robinson uncle spliffy marijuana cannabis
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I am a very big fan of former NBA All Star Cliff Robinson, and have been since he was drafted by my favorite NBA team, the Portland Trailblazers in 1989. Growing up he was my hero because he always killed it on the court, but now I’m a fan of Cliff for a different reason. Now I’m a fan of Cliff Robinson because of what he is doing with his marijuana sports brand ‘Uncle Spliffy.’

Uncle Spliffy is more than just a logo and a business venture. Uncle Spliffy is a movement. The Uncle Spliffy brand has the power to push reform in a way that it has never been pushed before, and to create conversations in social circles that really need those conversations about cannabis to happen. I actually talked about the need for cannabis reform in professional sports last night with cannabis icon Tommy Chong, and he agreed. Because of the elevated status of athletes in American society, and how athletes are considered to be larger than life figures to so many people, the message that comes from athletes is powerful.

I’ve seen the power of the Uncle Spliffy message working its magic first hand. I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out with the Uncle Spliffy team a couple of times now, and every time I tell friends, family, and co-workers about what they are doing, their minds are blown. And in the case of marijuana skeptics/opponents, their minds are changed. One of those skeptics is my father in law, who I have been trying to get on the right side of history for some time. Prior to telling him about Cliff Robinson’s mission, he never took our conversations seriously.

After telling him about Uncle Spliffy, some of the things that they are doing and some of the things that they have planned, he is more accepting of cannabis use. I haven’t been able to convince him to try it himself for the aches and pains he’s dealing with from a lifetime of construction work. But he went into my garage the other day and saw trim drying, which used to be something I would have feared. Instead he smelled it, and said he doesn’t care what we do with it. That may not seem like much, but I assure you it’s a big deal and a big turnaround, and all because of Uncle Spliffy.

Cliff Robinson has been bit by cannabis prohibition. Three times Cliff was suspended because of cannabis while playing in the NBA. The third time was particularly ruthless because his team was in the NBA Playoffs, and in many people’s opinion, would have won the championship that year had it not been for Cliff Robinson getting suspended for an overly-harsh five games because of marijuana. Cliff was a vital part of that New Jersey Nets team, who split the first two games with the Miami Heat (which eventually won the title that year). By game 3, Cliff was suspended, and the Nets didn’t win anymore games that series. There’s obviously no way to know for sure what would have happened had Cliff not been wrongly suspended by the NBA (me and my friends think they would have gone all the way), but it obviously had a very large impact on the series, and I’d imagine had a very big affect on Cliff’s life.

Cliff played the better part of two decades in the NBA, was an All Star, Sixth Man of the Year, and made the All NBA Defensive Second team not once, but twice. Not only did he put up 50 points in an NBA game before, he also put together a lot of stretches where he was unstoppable on the court. It seemed like during his career, the only thing that could really get in the way of Cliff’s domination was the NBA’s ridiculous marijuana policy, which was unfortunate. Players should be limited by their abilities, and not by the anti-marijuana opinions of politicians and league executives.

But rather than pout and fade into the shadows, Cliff is doing something to help other athletes from becoming victims of cannabigotry in sports. Cliff is helping those athletes be able to make the safer choice, and to be able to use a medicine that is proven to be effective, harmless, and legal in many states. In the process, Cliff is also helping cannabis consumers and supporters worldwide by spreading his message and changing minds. When he announced his new venture, Uncle Spliffy, it made news not all over America, but all over the world. I saw media coverage all the way over in Japan. Can you imagine how many constructive conversations have occurred as a result? It blows my mind to think about.

I heard yesterday that Cliff Robinson is going to be pitching Uncle Spliffy at the upcoming ArcView ‘Arc Tank’ next month in Portland, Oregon. I really, really hope that the people on the tank panel (and others in attendance that are looking for something to invest in) understand the potential magnitude of the Uncle Spliffy brand. I think that from a business investment standpoint, it’s a no-brainer. Cliff’s star power is undeniable, his message and vision is authentic (unlike a lot of celebrity brands), and I think that his future is very bright in the cannabis industry. I think that’s enough to ensure that Uncle Spliffy is a wise investment.

But I also think that anyone who invests in Uncle Spliffy will be fortunate from beyond a profit potential standpoint. They will be a part of history. They will be a part of something very special – something that will change minds in a way that has never been seen before in the cannabis world. Uncle Spliffy will unlock doors and open minds that have been shut for a very long time. That’s why I support Uncle Spliffy now, and will continue to support Uncle Spliffy into the future. Below is more information about the upcoming ArcView event in Portland, and about Uncle Spliffy:

More than 200 high net worth investors from around the world eager to invest in the fastest growing industry in America will gather in Portland, Oregon at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel for a two-day Shark Tank-like pitch forum on Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd, hosted exclusively for members of The ArcView Investor Network.

Accredited investors will be reviewing pitches from more than 20 companies who competed fiercely for the pitch slots out of a field of hundreds of applicants. Cliff Robinson, former NBA All-Star of the Portland Trail Blazers is seeking a Strategic Investment Partner and will be pitching his company, “Uncle Spliffy” asking for millions of dollars. Cliff has developed a comprehensive business plan focused primarily on producing, processing, wholesaling and retailing his “Sports Cannabis” products. Sports Cannabis is also known as marijuana designed for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Uncle Spliffy will also market a line of active lifestyle branded apparel for men and women. In addition to the outstanding product lines, there will be “Cliff Robinson’s Garden Club,” an exciting and exclusive Cannabis Club and destination retreat in Oregon hosting local members-only events as well as national and international Canna-Tourism adventures.

Uncle Spliffy Sports Cannabis (USSC) products will benefit casual, amateur and professional athletes all around the world. USSC products will significantly enrich the athletes experience and outcomes while improving preparedness, focus, recovery and relaxation. Cliff is excited to find a strategic investment partner who understands the tremendous market potential for designer Sports Cannabis and Sports Cannabis-based Medicines. Uncle Spliffy is literally inventing a new cannabis market; marijuana designed for athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Cliff is leading the way developing and innovating cannabis based sports medicine products, therapies and modalities to change the game for the good! Uncle Spliffy Sports Cannabis products are created by athletes for athletes.

In addition to Cliff being part of the exciting ArcView Investor Network, Oregon’s own Congressperson Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) will be addressing this highly concentrated group of cannabis industry leaders.

  • Who: The ArcView Investor Network

  • What: Select media representatives will be invited to witness presentations from companies that have been successful at raising capital from this group and those who are hoping to attract investors at this meeting. Throughout the day, select reporters will be able to interview high net worth investors who have recently invested in the sector or are considering it, companies that have recently been funded, and elected officials that support legalization.

  • When: Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd from approximately 9:30AM – 4:00PM

  • Where: Marriott Downtown Waterfront, 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97201

  • You must get prior approval and have press credentials to attend

Learn more about the growth of the cannabis industry via this short video. To get a sense of what to expect at ArcView see this other short video.

About The ArcView Group

Founded in 2010, The ArcView Group is responsible for a number of groundbreaking ventures in the cannabis industry. The ArcView Investor Network includes more than 500 accredited investors who have put more than $70 million behind 108 companies.  ArcView Market Research co-produces the State of Legal Marijuana Markets report with New Frontier, which is the most oft-cited market data report. In 2015 ArcView became a partner in CanopyBoulder, the first seed-stage mentor-driven business accelerator.  ArcView is also co-founder of Cannasure Insurance Services, the leading provider of business insurance to the cannabis industry.

About Cliff Robinson and Uncle Spliffy

Mr. Cliff Robinson, an 18 year NBA veteran basketball All-Star formerly with the Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets and a past cast member on the CBS show Survivor, is the President of Uncle Spliffy, LLC, a Portland Oregon based cannabis and apparel company. Founded on January 20, 2016, Cliff and his Partners Dave and Linda Miller along with their Business Advisor Marc Belsher of Silverback Advisory Group have developed a multiplex business that will take advantage of America’s newest and most exciting industry.

Cliff Robinson’s Advocacy Mission

In addition to the company Uncle Spliffy, Cliff desires to bring about positive change on several fronts related to cannabis use for casual, amateur and professional athletes. Cliff has sparked a national and global conversation about the benefits of sports cannabis for athletic preparedness, recovery and relaxation. The focus areas Cliff cares most about that are near and dear to his heart include the following:

1. Change the commonly held belief that natural cannabis and sports are incompatible.

2. Change the current negative perception of cannabis use in professional sports to a positive one.

3. Get professional sports to recognize the beneficial health factors for using cannabis by athletes.

4. Change the rules for cannabis use in professional sports to allowing its use in season and out.

5. Allow Team Doctors to prescribe and administer cannabis-based products to their players.

6. Help professional athletes past and present see the benefits of natural cannabis as an excellent alternative medicine over prescription drugs.

7. Make a positive impact on those professional athletes past and present that are addicted to prescription and illicit drugs such as opioids, stimulants and central nervous system depressants.

8. Educate Team Doctors from overprescribing addictive pharmaceutical drugs.

9. Offer an alternative to Big Pharma drugs and demonstrate natural cannabis as a healthy, non-addictive and natural medicine alternative.

10. Positively contribute to stopping the “War on Drugs” and reduce the political power of the “Prison Industrial Complex” that makes money off of the drug war effort.


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