February 25, 2015

Join The CO2 Company At The OMMBC

February 25, 2015
oregon medical marijuana business conference ommbc

oregon medical marijuana business conference ommbcThe Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference (OMMBC) will bring together the top cannabis law reform advocates and industry professionals March 15th-16th in Eugene, Oregon. The OMMBC combines both activism and business to provide a holistic approach to anyone in the cannabis industry or thinking of joining. The conference provides the latest information about the current Oregon medical marijuana industry and insight into the cannabis industry once legalization goes into effect for all adults.

In addition to the great information, networking opportunities also abound at the OMMBC. Growers, processors, dispensaries and advocates will all benefit from mingling with other industry participants. Allison, our new intern at Marijuana Politics interviewed the owner of the CO2 Company, one of the many exhibitors that will be at the OMMBC. From Marijuana Politics:

Pioneers in the field, the CO2 Company is revolutionizing the way patients receive care. Karen Sprague and her husband David Tanksely founded the company out of Rogue Valley, Oregon in July of last year. Working together with brothers Ryan and Kevin Walsh, they offer half gram CBD and THC cartridges of pure CO2 oil, along with CBD and THC drippers of the highest quality. What makes their products different from others are their combined efforts to keep it affordable, accessible, and about the community. They are currently working with around thirteen local farmers, as well as growing themselves, and their low-income, in-need patients have never paid a dime. Moreover, their concern is not only about the product but the process.

Click on over to Marijuana Politics to read the full article.

The CO2 Company exemplifies some of the underlying principles of the OMMBC and the Oregon cannabis industry at-large: an innovative “mom-and-pop” shop that is thriving while always remembering that the needs of patients come first. If you can make it to Eugene on March 15-16, please join the CO2 Company and other great marijuana entrepreneurs at the OMMBC as we move the Oregon cannabis industry more mainstream while never forgetting our roots.


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