Marijuana Smokers Invade Santa Cruz Art Scene With ARO's 'Weed Museum'


Santa Cruz-based art collective, Art Research Office, were approached during their debut exhibition (Raquel Cool's "Live Nude Eggs") by a local group who call themselves Artists For Weed Reform ("AFWR"). The anonymous organization is made up of local artists devoted to creating art that is focused on the marijuana lifestyle.

art research office weed museum

This June, AFWR collaborates with Art Research Office to present a complex commentary on the deep-rooted influences of marijuana usage. Each piece of art will present an unique perception of a culture caught between the balance of rebellion and reform.

The team at Art Research Office is encouraging AFWR to tell their story exactly as they wish, and will respect their anonymity. The goal is to let the work speak for them, as true artists -- outside of the idea of celebrity.  This series of works is specifically about perspective, and how that can change based on agenda and vantage point. It's also about using the gallery space as a forum for discussion and community, which is the core function of art.

There are a handful of different works by different artists - some political, some lighthearted and humorous - always leveraging the physical aspects of interactive.

Weed Museum opens to the public on June 7th from 6pm - 10pm during Downtown's First Friday event.  It is located at 285 Water Street, Unit B. Santa Cruz, California 95060.

Weekday hours will be posted at the showing, and appointments can always be made by contacting

About Art Research Office

Art Research Office is focused on finding new artists, pairing collectors with new pieces, creating and producing new works, and providing professional installation services.

Their goal is to explore how individual artwork affects the world around it. And being consistently passionate, loving, and consumed in doing so.