May 21, 2016

Tomorrow: Don’t Miss Day 2 Of The FREE Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit

May 21, 2016
patrick rea canopyboulder
patrick rea canopyboulder
(image via Green Flower Media)

The first ever Virtual Cannabis Entrepreneur Summit started today, streaming live on the internet for the world to see for free. I was not able to watch all of the event (which took place from 9 am to 5 pm PST), but the parts that I was able to catch were outstanding. I also followed the event on social media, and there was a ton of positive feedback, which is what I expected. Green Flower Media, which is putting on the virtual event, always does amazing work. They take a very professional, polished approach to their projects and I am always impressed by what they do.

Today was jam packed with presentations from leading cannabis industry experts. Ones that I watched live or followed on social media on day 1 included topics such as:

How to build a cannabis products company the right way

How to find your unique niche in the cannabis industry

How to build a cannabis products company the right way

How to open up more and better distribution channels for your cannabis products

Budtenders: 7 things they should know about patient care but often don’t

Online marketing strategies to grow your cannabis business and build your brand

The Future Of Cannabis

How to protect yourself and cannabis from the inevitable entry of big pharma and big agriculture

How to avoid the most costly legal mistakes that happen every day in cannabis business

All of that, in one day, and that wasn’t even all of them. I didn’t get a chance to catch the panels, of which there were two I think. And again, this event is completely free and can be viewed from anywhere on the planet, assuming that there’s internet there! Day 2 is going to have just as many stellar presentations, and a couple of panels. If you are looking to educate yourself on the cannabis industry, which you should always be looking to do if you are an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, check out this event. Signing up for the event is easy, and can be done at this link here. Again, it’s completely free, and involves 22 minute presentations from true cannabis experts, in addition to the panels. Tell everyone that you know!


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