City Of Olympia Receives Its First Retail Marijuana Applicant


The City of Olympia in Washington State received its first land use application for a retail marijuana outlet. The applicant is Green Lady Inc, who is hoping to open at 3044 Pacific Ave SE Suite B in Olympia. The store is hoping to open by August. Green Lady Inc is one of two license lottery winners in the City of Olympia. Per The Olympian:

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"This is kind of a brave new world for all of us, but we have our first land-use application for recreational marijuana," City Manager Steve Hall said at Tuesday's Olympia City Council meeting.

The rollout of legal marijuana stores has been very slow going in Washington State. Vancouver announced it's first retail store last week, with a likely opening for that store near the beginning of next month. Marijuana prices in Washington will be very high at stores to start due to an imbalance between supply and demand. I can't wait until marijuana is legalized to the South of Washington in my home state of Oregon, where I'm sure prices will be much lower than in Washington and Colorado.