August 11, 2016

Marijuana Start-Up Leafedin.Org Releases First Ever iOS MJ Peer Networking App

August 11, 2016
leafedin release

“ is pulling the marijuana industry out of the grey economy that currently exists in many legal and medical states, by providing all people and entities who are involved in the cannabis market and industry to have a technologically advanced streamlined networking tool to make direct connections and reduce the inefficiencies that plague the progress of the marijuana movement across the country. It provides the necessary fundamental technological infrastructure and framework, that can now not only be accessed on any devices browser but also as an iOS app through the iTunes app store, to assimilate marijuana as a whole into the mainstream of this country’s economic and cultural identity” said Leafedin.Org’s founder, ” Add to this’s dedication to activism and giving back to the marijuana community, as well as the fact the service is still offered free for all and even free of any advertising, there is a clear vision of continued growth across the board for the product both in size and value to thousands of free registered users, who use Leafedin.Org daily to meet all their legal/medical marijuana product and employment needs”.

As the marijuana community grows, so does the diversity of participants in aspects such as age, gender, language and backgrounds. Hence, the app is designed to be as simple and robust as possible as to offer its service as many participants in the marijuana industry as possible. Signups are free, quick and users may enter a fixed location or use the geo-location services of iOS.

Once the app is on an iOS device it gives the user the resources and ability to participate in any sector of the marijuana industry. Whether a user is on vacation looking for a specific strain while in Washington D.C., individual caregivers or delivery services searching for new medical patients in their local area, legal growers looking for a group of trimmers for their ranch in Colorado, or a college student looking for work back home or locally during the college break, the app provides all this and more.


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