May 19, 2014

Superman OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

May 19, 2014
superman og marijuana strain

superman og marijuana strainSuperman OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Superman OG marijuana strain  is very strong OG kush strain that contains a high amount of THC and CBD. The Superman OG marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you feeling tired or somewhat euphoric. Superman OG is great for insomnia and stress.

“Grade: A+

Type: Hybrid (Indica)

Looks: Small, but sticky, dense and tight marijuana nuggets covered in sugary trichomes giving the nuggets a florescent hue. Noticeable orange “hair”and dark spotting.

Smell: Very strong pine scent with hints of fuel. Strong lingering scent.

Taste: Light “earthy” taste with hints of fuel and slight fruity aftertaste on the exhale leaving “flat” aftertaste.

Buzz Type: Heavy, mellowing, and relaxing.

Buzz Length: Above Average to Long (1.5 to 2 hours)


* Pain, stress, headaches, wired … when needed to combat these ailments, Superman came to the rescue. Superman knocked them all out!

A smooth smoking Indica, I enjoyed this strain in bong, bubbler, pipe, and even joint. Taste caught me off guard I was expecting something very pine, earthy and dank, but to my surprise the flavor was distinct with lemon and fuel.

Superman was excellent at handling my stress and pain. The strain provided me with nice head pressure with slight “tingle.” Buzz intensity “creeps.” I had a feeling like my eyes were “heavy” and lowering. I felt nice head pressure as if someone was massaging the top of my head. Superman is a very mellowing and relaxing strain. A nice one to wind down the day/evening with.

I did get in “trouble” a few times with Superman due to the smell, but I enjoyed the strain so much on the first day, I immediately got a re-up a few days later knowing if I waited to long I’d be out of luck. Storing in a glass jar was the only way to hinder the strong scent.

I got to say Superman is one of my favorite Indica’s of the 2012 year. A great strain!” – IE420Patient

Check out the Superman OG marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Superman OG, and how Superman OG affects various ailments.

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superman og marijuana strain


superman og marijuana strain


superman og marijuana strain


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