November 27, 2016

Strain Review: Burmese Kush

November 27, 2016
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Marley Natural launched their brand in Los Angeles in February earlier this year, then launched in Northern California, and have now moved up to Oregon. They sell a variety of products, but generally feature 4 different strains of sun-grown flower, depending on their harvest availability.  

These strains match the categories on their labels, and will vary from region to region just as the growers and farms will. You may recall this from our article about their concentrates but, the labels are as follows:

Green label: Hybrid

Gold label: Sativa

Black label: Indica

Red label: CBD

burmese kush, marley natural, marijuana strains
Burmese Kush from Marley Natural. Photo courtesy of Marley Natural.

While I enjoyed them all, the Burmese Kush, their hybrid, was my favorite. It had a strong sort of sour-sweet smell, almost like that of a green apple candy, with some notes of citrus. The taste was in line with the nose, and had a pungent, sour-sweet sort of flavor that I found delightful. The soft yet potent effect was uplifting and social but also calming, which I just love in a hybrid. This strain was tested by 3B Analytical and tested at 25.56% THC and 0.09% CBD.  

Marley Natural plans to launch in Washington very soon as well.  Their team has told me that they are committed to helping with social justice causes, and they did an expungement day with the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) in Portland when they launched in Oregon.

When asked if they will continue to do this type of work, Berrin Notita, director of Public Relations for Marley Natural, said, “Absolutely. We are currently working with the MCBA to expand our partnership to other states and create events and programs together to work with and help local communities similar to the expungement day we did in Portland.”

As the cannabis industry moves forward, it is essential that cannabis businesses, regardless of the type of product(s) they make, make sure that they are giving back to the community and especially making sure to support the communities that got us to the space we are in with legalization.

One thing that I like about this set of labels is that you can count on their consistency. Even if their strains change, you can still count on the label bringing you the desired effect. For example the gold label was a Colombian Gold a few months ago and is now a Root Beer Kush, but I can still count on the label delivering the effects of a Sativa strain and to be energizing and uplifting when I consume it.


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