July 19, 2015

Eclipse Farm-Ecology Mana Gooey Marijuana BHO Review

July 19, 2015
mana gooey marijuana strain

mana gooey marijuana strainOne of my favorite concentrate makers is a company called Eclipse Farm-Ecology based out of Southern Oregon. One of the main reasons why I like their BHO over others is that there is so much flavor locked inside of their products. A lot of other concentrate makers only care about how high they can get their percentages in an effort to make their products more appealing to the average dispensary customer. But when they do that, they often get rid of the flavor and smell of the strain, which may be OK to some consumers, but for true connoisseurs like me, that’s cause for sadness and reflections of what could have been.

There are a lot of companies out there that can produce strong concentrates. There are also a lot of companies that can produce flavorful concentrates. However, there are very few that can achieve both results at the same time. Eclipse Farm-Ecology is one of those companies, and they do it consistently. I have tried a handful of their strains now, and every single one of them has knocked my socks off and left me wanting more. That’s the only complaint I can muster up about their concentrates – that I wish they were ‘everlasting.’ But I’m assuming that unless they can team up with Willy Wonka, I’ll have to let that slide :)

Another reason why I like Eclipse as a company, amazing BHO quality aside, is that they ‘get it.’ They are activists, and are very supportive of the cause. They also consider their carbon footprint in everything that they do, which is something that a lot of cannabis companies fail to consider. They are not a ‘profit above all’ company, and in fact are quite the opposite. They love what they do, and strive to create the best products possible with minimal impact on the environment so that they can help patients. Yes, they need to make money to operate and support their staff, but it’s not the primary motivator, and I dig that more than I can express in words. They are growing their company responsibly, and I think that they are a model company that others in this industry should emulate. I support them all the way, and hope that all Oregon TWB readers do too. And if you aren’t into the touchy-feely stuff, you should support them anyways because you will get better BHO for your dollars with them compared to other companies whose products I’ve consumed.

I have previously reviewed Eclipse Farm-Ecology’s Blue Dream BHO and their Romulan BHO. Both of those are amazing, and I still daydream about both of them. Recently I got my hands on some of their Mana Gooey BHO. Unlike the previous strains I tried, I have never consumed the flower of this strain. I like to consume the flower first in order to have something to compare the flavor and scent to, but the Mana Gooey strain is fairly rare. I have heard of people growing it before in Southern Oregon, but I was never fortunate enough to get my hands on any of it.

The Mana Gooey strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and has a very euphoric head high coupled with some mild couch-lock that you would expect from a hybrid. The Mana Gooey strain was created by Moon Flower Seeds according to some online research, although I couldn’t find where they were based out of. The gram of BHO that I got my hands on smelled very sweet, almost like syrup, and the taste was to die for. Each dab hit taste like those tubes of flavored honey that many of us ate as kids. Whether it was via a nail and torch, or via my vape pen, that sweet taste always came through. Like I was saying about Eclipse Farm-Ecology BHO earlier in this article, their flavor is unmatched based off of everything else I’ve tried before.

The Mana Gooey BHO was very strong too. I had a lot of people over to my house the last couple of weekends, many of which took a pull off of my vape pen or took a hit off of the torch and nail in my backyard. Every single one of them commented on how high they were, and how fantastic the dabs they smoked must have been. The Mana Gooey BHO that I got tested at 70% THC, and .28% CBD. It’s high terpene BHO, proven by the flavor and scent, and is great for aches, pains, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and withdrawel.

If this BHO is in your area, I strongly suggest that you pick some up. And if this particular strain isn’t available, pick up some of their other strains. I have consumed a handful of them now, and every single one of them was fantastic. Below are locations that carry Eclipse Farm-Ecology products:

Panacea – A Universal Remedy
6714 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97213

Central Coast ReLeaf
1164 SW Coast Hwy
Newport, OR 97365

2455 Rogue River Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527
ph. 541-295-8271

Blackbird Indica
319 10th Street
Independence, OR 97351

Waldport Cannabis
250 SW Hwy 101
Waldport, OR 97394
ph. 541-563-6087

Sacred Flower Medicinals
18248 Redwood Hwy #2
Selma, OR 97538

16955 SE Division St.
Portland OR 97236
(971) 279-4932

Home Page

2725 N. Ainsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217

The OreGreen Trail
4355 NW Hwy 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367

Sweet Tree Farms
4097 W 11th Ave.
Eugene, Oregon 97402

The Medication Station
817 NW Hill St
Bend, OR 97701

Talent Health Club THC
1007 S Pacific Hwy Unit G
Talent, OR 97540


eclipse farm-ecology marijuana extracts concentrates

Below is more information about Eclipse Farm-Ecology, courtesy of their website. You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook:

Eclipse Farm-Ecology is a health and wellness concentrate and infused products company specializing in the use of cannabis and other healthy and healing herbs to produce unique products that may be used to improve vitality, longevity, happiness, wellbeing, disease prevention and healing. We craft all of our concentrates and infused products in regard to a suffering earth and its inhabitants. We believe cannabis can heal and that sustainable and ecological practice is absolutely necessary in order to perpetuate a healthy and vital planet and its population.

Fresh from the family farm, all of our products begin with a commitment to sustainable and organic agricultural practice. We believe it is imperative for cannabis agriculture to demonstrate “the right way to do farming”. Eclipse Farm-Ecology flavorful concentrates and infused products is the best because we start with the flower of crops grown with fresh air, clean water, and pure sunshine on a family farm.

Sound Science and safe traditional extraction methods are at the root of every product with Eclipse Farm-Ecology’s name on it. We produce and package all of our concentrates and infusions from beginning to end in a Hygienic lab environment using standard practice for safe food handling. We extract using safe closed loop light hydro carbon extraction systems and methods as well as other safe forms of extraction, infusion and distillation. We safely reclaim more than 98% of any solvent used in any of our processes. Fine flavor and profound effect prove that sound, safe science is paramount to the process.

For thousands of years, humans have maintained a close relationship with cannabis. Eclipse Farm-Ecology is committed to carrying on the ageless tradition of providing a healthy and safe medicine to our patients. Seed gatherers of 6,000 years ago brought this hearty plant out of the shady canopy and into the bright sunshine to better feed their tribe after discovering the seeds were a delicious and hearty source of nutrition. It became part of the first domestic agriculture on earth and was the primary source of food for thousands of people.

Sailors of the age of discovery carried a pouch of hemp seed in their survival bag as they circumnavigated the earth and discovered new worlds. It proved to be the strongest fiber for making rope, sail cloth, and nets. If a ship ran aground on a deserted island within a few months, enough hemp could be produced to mend the ship, feed the men and see the expedition on its way, again.

Doctors of the age of science carried oils and tinctures of cannabis in their medicine bags. It was the go to cure for many illness, including consumption, cancers, migraines, and Lyme disease. Thousands were fed, healed and freed from suffering with cannabis before prohibition. Cannabis reigned supreme as the only hope for many people for thousands of years. As modern pioneers of an ageless craft and keepers of an ancient heirloom, Eclipse Farm-Ecology is called and committed to offering you the safest and most delicious concentrates and infused products available.


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