July 9, 2015

Sweet Island Skunk From HiFi Farms Marijuana Strain Review

July 9, 2015
sweet island skunk hifi farms

sweet island skunk hifi farmsI really love marijuana flower. It seems like these days not as many people consumer flower. More and more people are consuming concentrates in various forms, and/or edibles, topicals, tinctures, etc. I like all of those things too, but I still like consuming flower as well, and I think I always will. There’s just something about breaking open a frosty, stinky bud and putting it in a bowl and smoking it that I find very appealing.

I think a reason why people don’t consume flower as often is because it’s fairly hard to find really, really good flower these days. Back in the day when there were a limited number of growers, the overall percentage of flower that was super dank was higher. Now, with everyone and their grandma growing marijuana, the market has been flooded with mediocre flower, watering down the overall percentage of really dank flower out there. But there are times when I come across the type of flower that you want to write home about, and when that happens, I cherish every hit of it.

That happened to me recently when I attended the ‘Best of Potland’ marijuana legalization celebration event in Portland on July 1st. The event was put on by Willamette Week, and The Weed Blog was one of the sponsors. We were lucky enough to partner up with HiFi Farms, which supplied our booth with free samples of their Sweet Island Skunk flower to give out to event participants. I was blown away by just how good the samples were.

The Sweet Island Skunk strain (sometimes called Island Sweet Skunk) is a sativa strain, and produces a very energetic high, which was perfect for the celebration event. I really think that HiFi Farms knocked it out of the park by picking that strain for the event. Sweet Island Skunk is a descendant of the Skunk #1 strain, which originated in Canada. Probably the most distinct feature about the strain is the smell, which the name ‘Sweet Island Skunk’ alludes to. Sweet Island Skunk smells so fruity that it almost makes you want to eat the flower. The inhale was very smooth, and the exhale left a wonderful taste in your mouth.

I brought one of the samples home to consume and review, and I almost lost it to my sister-in-law that is visiting. I walked in the door, and almost instantly she said ‘what is that wonderful smell?’ I showed her the sample, and it practically took the jaws of life to get it out of her hands. I’m happy to say that I got the sample back, took it directly to my nearest smoking device, and proceeded to consume it. The high from the event had long worn off, but it didn’t take too many hits to get back to where I wanted to be. The particular sample that I got tested at 22% THC. The Sweet Island Skunk is great for motivation, creativity, an anxiety, among other things.

If you are lucky enough to to have some Sweet Island Skunk from HiFi Farms in your area, I strongly urge you to pick up some, you will not be disappointed. I hope to get my hands on some of the company’s other strains, all of which I’m sure are fantastic! HiFi Farms is a sustaining sponsor of the Portland chapter of Women Grow, and is lead by Sara Batterby, which is someone who is extremely talented, and that I admire a lot. You can find out more about HiFi Farms on their website, and you can also find them on Twitter and Instagram.

sweet island skunk hifi farms


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