August 4, 2015

Strawberry Satori Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

August 4, 2015
strawberry satori panacea portland medical marijuana greenwise gardens 2

strawberry satori panacea portland medical marijuana greenwise gardens 2I love fruity marijuana strains. I always have. Strawberry strains are particularly fantastic in my opinion. I have smoked a lot of the Strawberry Cough marijuana strain over the years. I have never smoked the Satori marijuana strain, but I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a cross between Strawberry Cough and Satori – the Strawberry Satori marijuana strain. Strawberry Cough is a sativa strain, and Satori is a landrace hybrid originating in Nepal. Since Strawberry Cough flower packs a lot of flavor, and Satori flower packs a very high potency (as high as 28% THC), it combines for a virtually perfect strain.

I recently obtained an ounce of Strawberry Satori with my blog partners, and I knew the second that I popped open the container that I was in for something special. We got the strain from Panacea medical cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon. The flower was grown by the amazing people at GreenWise Gardens. I don’t know what they put in the water out at GreenWise Gardens, but the end result absolutely knocked my socks off.

I decided to go with the bong for this particular flower, and even made a special trip to the head shop to get a brand new bowl to maximize the flavor. If the smell wasn’t enough for me to fall in love with this particular batch of Strawberry Satori, the taste definitely put it over the top. That skunky strawberry flavor is to die for. The inhale tasted like summer, and the exhale was extra smooth. Everyone that I smoked out with it was quick to say how great it tasted as the smoke left their lips.

strawberry satori panacea portland medical marijuana greenwise gardensThe high from the Strawberry Satori marijuana strain is very strong. It is the type of strain that will have you lost in thought for hours, with giggle sessions occurring throughout your high. The landrace really enhances the sativa effects. If you are having a rough day, or just want to make a good day great, this is the perfect strain. Strawberry Satori was originally bred for treating anxiety, but is also great for PTSD, stress, and depression. It’s a truly uplifting strain.

As I stated, the Strawberry Satori marijuana strain that I got was from Panacea. I really, really like that dispensary, not only because their products are all stupendous, but also because as a company they do good things for worthy causes. Per Panacea’s website:

“The folks who started PANACEA are social justice advocates, growers, and medical marijuana enthusiasts. Through this project we bring our passions together. We are committed to donating at least 10% of our profits to social justice causes, with a special focus on racial and economic justice and supporting LGBT elders.”

greenwise gardens medical marijuanaWith so many dispensaries out there that are only in for the profit, the Panacea medical cannabis dispensary is a breath of fresh air, and is an establishment that I hope all TWB readers in Oregon support. Like I said, their meds are top notch, and a portion of your purchase goes towards fighting for social justice. That’s a dispensary that I can get behind!

The Strawberry Satori that I sampled was tested at MRX labs. It tested at 21.32% THC and .1% CBD. It was outstanding, and I encourage anyone and everyone in the Portland area to get their hands on some while supplies last at Panacea. I tip my hat to the gardeners at GreenWise Gardens for growing such a top shelf strain, and I hope to consume more in the future. They don’t use any pesticides, which is something that not many other professional growers out there can say (whether they want to admit it or not!).

You can find out more about Panacea and their fantastic products on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also make sure to give them a positive review on Leafly (I didn’t see them listed on WeedMaps, but will update this article if I can find a listing, so check back and make sure to give them a good review over there as well).



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