September 12, 2018

The Trim Daddy 2.0 electric hand trimmer review

September 12, 2018
Find out how you can trim 5 pounds of cannabis bud in 1 hour while maintaining hand trimmed quality.

I’ve been growing cannabis for years, I love almost everything about growing and truly enjoy caring for and trying to maximize the growth of my cannabis plants. The downside to growing, especially if you grow in any amount of volume is hand trimming your finished buds. It doesn’t matter if you belong to the dry trimming school or the wet trimming school a mountain load of monotonous hand aching work is ahead of you. Enter the Trim-Daddy hand held trimmer.

Hand trimmed quality with automated speeds

Don’t get me wrong there is something fun about processing your crop, trimming is truly an art form on to itself. Hand trimming provides the best quality finished buds due to light handling during the trimming process; trichomes aren’t broken off or ruptured leaving the bud looking perfectly trimmed without any bruising. When you introduce automation into the picture to speed up your trim processing you also introduce bruising as well as leaving behind bits of leaf matter. It doesn’t matter if you use a home bowl spinner or an industrial hopper system to trim it’s going to cause some damage to your buds.

Hand trimmers were introduced years ago but had several points of failure. The trimmers were either too rough on buds, too messy with the removed plant material or wore out quickly with heavy use.

Recently the Trim Daddy Electric hand trimmer was released, and I was able to get a hold of one to process a recent test crop of cannabis. I was promised that this hand trimmer was different then anything else available on the market today. I happily accepted the trimmer but expected not to be impressed when it came down to testing.

Professional grade build and performance

I’ve never been so wrong with an assumption, the Trim Daddy 2.0 Hand Trimmer deserves a better name, “hand sculpture” tool is a better description of this bad boy. The Trim Daddy is a serious professional grade highly engineered hand tool that was designed to quickly and gently trim and sculpt your wet or dry buds. The trimming unit features a patented brush-less motor design like those used in high end Dyson vacuums and uses a computer to control the amount of energy used by the motor which self-adjusts as the trimming blades come under load. The Trim Daddy is designed to last at least 10,000 operating hours and can be used for long stretches of time without overheating.

Trim Up to 5 pounds of bud per hour

So, what’s the big deal about automated trimming you ask? Time is money and hand trimming cannabis takes lots of time. Trim Daddy using some very ingenious engineering has created a tool that allows you to gently and neatly trim up to 5 pounds of cannabis per hour. I trimmed 3 pounds of bud in just over an hour using the hand trimmer which to me seems impossible, but without any experience at all I felt very confident and comfortable using the trimmer. The Trim Daddy turned a chore into a fun hour of what I felt at the time was an artist at work.

Using the trimmer unit felt very natural and controlled while the unit self was light and balanced in my hand. The trimmer is very short allowing for your controlling hand to be very close to the cutting action, this increases fine agility as you work up, down and side to side with gentle sweeping hand movements. As you draw the double ended blade up and down your buds you’ll find that the true shape of the bud guides your trimming hand via audible feedback as well as tactile feedback from the cutting head.

What’s included

The control unit of the Trim Daddy allows for fast or slow operation of the high carbon stainless steel blades and comes with a small second set of blades for trimming smaller buds. The blades will retain their sharpness for hundreds of hours but will require sharpening from time to time to maintain a perfect trim.

The Trim Daddy 2.0 comes with their patented trimming unit along with two double cutting blades (large/small), the control unit and an incredible non-stick handling glove.


It didn’t take long to know that the Trim Daddy hand trimmer is a very valuable high-quality tool for your growing arsenal that will save you time and money right from your first trim. This product is the Mercedes of trimmers but comes at a Hyundai price. I was impressed with how natural the unit felt in my hand and how fast I became a skilled confident user. This device truly makes trimming fun and easy and will save your thousands of man hours and tens of thousands of dollars in time. Being able to really enjoy the trimming process has made my whole growing experience better. I would highly recommend investing in this must have tool.


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