August 12, 2014

How To Grow Purple Haze Marijuana Indoors

August 12, 2014
purple haze marijuana strain

Purple Haze General

Everyone knows the terms “Purple Haze” whether or not they have been exposed to marijuana of any kind. We can thank Jimi Hendrix for popularizing the term, even though his song was referring to something a little bit harder than weed. Even so, Purple Haze is known as one of the most powerful varieties of marijuana. With Purple Haze marijuana seeds, you could potentially experience the full force of that legacy.

Purple Haze Smoking Effects

Again, the major thing about Purple Haze is just how powerful it is. The effects of the smoke are immediate and forceful. Many have likened the experience to that of a rushing, soaring, and euphoric experience. For some new smokers, this experience might be a little intimidating, but if you can handle it, it is one of the headiest, unique marijuana events. Some people have even described the initial high as psychedelic. Of course, as time goes by, the psychedelic nature of the high is replaced by a much mellower, indica-influenced body buzz. So, you get the powerful rush of the cerebral high to start, and then a sort of cool-down period after that. Make sure to download ” The Marijuana Grow Bible” for free at this link here.

Purple Haze Plant Features

Most marijuana strains that have a color in the name tend to produce those colors somewhere on the plant. In the case of Purple Haze, you’re mostly just going to get a dark green plant covered in trichomes. During the flowering period, you’ll start to notice an abundance of little orange hairs on the buds.

Purple Haze reaches medium heights at around 40 to 60 inches, although it will likely be on the shorter end of that spectrum. The aroma of the plant itself had kind of a sweet and sour mixture with little woody accents. Yields range as high as 16 ounces per 10 square feet with a THC level of 21%. Feminized Purple Haze marijuana seeds can also ensure that you achieve more female than male plants in your garden.

Purple Haze Medicinal Uses

The often intense nature of the high makes Purple Haze ideal for chronic, severe sufferers of physical pain. For instance, an arthritis patient might attain some relief with the use of Purple Haze. It has also been shown to be effective for mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Nausea and migraines have also been treated with some efficacy by Purple Haze. There are likely other indications for Purple Haze because of its unique properties.


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