August 28, 2013

Death Star Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

August 28, 2013
death star marijuana strain

death star marijuana strainDeath Star Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Sour Diesel cross with Sensi Star, Death Star’s effects are a building pressure in the eyes and around the back of the head and temples to start off, with an increase in heart rate and some perspiration happening at times. The body started buzzing early on and this keeps up throughout the experience, though it turns to more of a warming feeling as it goes on.

“Date Acquired: July 22, 2011

Grade: B+/A-

Type: Indica

Looks: “Thick,” fat deep green nugs fluffy nugs with ample orange/red hair. A real nice two finger sticky bounce.

Smell: A mix of Khuynh-Deip Eucalyptus oil and nutmeg

Taste: Very smooth with similarities to sour lemon and fuel on the top of the palate. Hints of pink lemonade on the after taste that changes up to sour lip puckering lemon causing dry mouth.

Buzz Type: Heady with full body tingle and a bit of pressure sensation (behind the eyes). Euphoric.

Buzz Length: Average to Above Average (1 to 1.5 hours)


* Talk about an “interesting” strain…

Death Star OG does not always hit right away. The moment you think, “Ah man… this bud is not…” then BAM! Out of nowhere I was encased in full body tingle quickly followed by dry mouth. This strain hit me more like a really solid hybrid with that kush quality of “eye pressure” relief combined with a tingly, euphoric full body experience that actually provided me with energy. Around half a hour into a bowl, I felt very “jumpy” – Full tingle experiences is most intense around this time.

But… not enough “legs,” but at peak intensity “buzz” is very good. About half hour at most. The intensity of buzz varied slightly with the one larger nug not hitting as hard as the others.

Pinching the fresh nug left a stickiness on my fingers and when needing to clear my allergy ridden nostrils, all I needed to do is take a deep sniff of the jar that this strain was stored in. Death Star OG did give me a serious case of “Yuck Mouth,” so make sure to have gum and/or liquid or hand. If at home and leaving, I just felt the need to brush my teeth if medicating with this strain.

Worth a try if a “Marijuana Connoisseur” to experience what I felt overall was an “interesting” and a bit of a “trippy” buzz.” – ie420patient

Check out the Death Star marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Death Star, and how Death Star affects various ailments.

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death star marijuana strain


death star marijuana strain


death star marijuana strain


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