July 24, 2018

Some of the Best Dab Pens of 2018

July 24, 2018
These are some of the latest and greatest dab pens of 2018.

A dab pen is a portable vaporizer pen specifically designed to vape cannabis concentrates from dry herbs, waxes, oils and other concentrated formulas. They’re small and convenient, offering a great way for users to vape while they’re out and about without risking playing around with flames, using a bulky desktop vape or not knowing the potency of the concentrate being inhaled.

2018 has been a great year for the product development of the dab pen genre so far, and we’ve seen some pretty mighty contenders for the best powered, best looking and best priced vape pens enter the market. This is our top picks for the best dab pens of 2018… so far!

The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer

A versatile vaporizer dab pen characterized by its distinctive glass bubble bowl, the Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer can handle concentrates and waxes. The borosilicate glass bowl makes for a truly smooth pull when you inhale, enhancing the taste and ‘hit’ you get compared to other vaporizers. The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer battery life lasts an impressive 40 hours, and takes just 3 hours to charge fully. At its maximum temperature, its capacity is up to 70 pulls of 15 seconds – so you won’t run out of juice easily!

The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer

The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen Vaporizer was designed to increase on portability while maximising on power, and it definitely manages just that. The atomizer included on the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen has a 510 thread so can be used with other batteries or add-ons as you like. The variable voltage battery, ceramic donut and dual quartz coil atomizer pack a powerful punch, and so you don’t need to compromise on quality when you’re on-the-go.

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus vaporizer is intended to be used with liquids, waxes and concentrates, and is a relatively new player to the vape market. The successor to the Puffco Pro vaporizer, the taste and quality of the vapor is considerably improved and you’ll find flavor here that you can’t beat with other dab pens. The Puffco Plus vaporizer is extremely discreetly designed and looks more like a pen holder than a dab pen! That said, it’s not all over fashion over function: reaching full heat within 12 seconds, offering three pre-configured temperature settings and combining conduction and convection heating, this dab pen is really set apart from the competition.

There you have it, our guide to the best dab pens of 2018, so far. The dab pen vaporizer continues to grow in popularity due to their subtlety and ease of use, and these are just three of the fantastic range available online, in dispensaries and in lifestyle stores. Dependent on the level of your travel, access to battery charging and desired vapor type, you may find different designs of vape pen suit you better than others. Seek advice and shop around to find something that really works for you.

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