July 10, 2015

Happy 710! National Dab Day: What is 710 and how to Celebrate 710

July 10, 2015
What is 710, National Dab Day

Happy 710 from The Weed Blog! If you consume a lot of cannabis concentrates, and namely dabs, then I’m sure you are already aware of what it is, and that 710 is a stoner holiday. However, many people may be left  wondering what it means. You will see 710 come up a lot in social media posts that refer to cannabis consumption, and especially nearing or on 7/10, or July 10th. Cannabis enthusiasts, whether living in states with medical marijuana or recreational (adult-use) marijuana laws, can enjoy the fact that we now have another stoner holiday to celebrate besides 420

Happy 710!! 710 comes from the word “OIL” spelled upside down and backwards.

710 Meaning: What Does 710 Mean? 

710 is the slang term used to describe and celebrate cannabis concentrates, similar to how 420 is used. The anagram was chosen because when you turn the numbers upside down and backwards, it spells ‘OIL’ which is a term often used when referring to marijuana concentrates.  Cannabis oil can be consumed using pre-filled cartridges for vape pens or it can be in harder variations, such as wax, shatter, crumble, or live resin/diamonds that are using for dabbing. So, while 420 is used to celebrate all things cannabis and cannabis culture, 710 is geared more towards those consumers who enjoy cannabis concentrates the most in their lifestyle. 

When is National Dab Day?

710 is affectionately called National Dab Day by stoners, and is celebrated on July 10th (7/10) each year.  This is similar to how 420 is celebrated on April 20th (4/20) each year by those of us who appreciate weed culture. Now, 710-friendly can be used just as 420-friendly is when discussing dabs.

Happy 710!

We can now celebrate this July 10th holiday each summer here in the United States with events and dispensary specials in states with cannabis legalization. People have figured out all kinds of fun ways to incorporate cannabis concentrates into their celebrations, such as twaxing their joints, putting kief or shatter on their bowl, or just dabbing like usual. 

What is 710-Friendly?

When something is referred to as 420-friendly, many people will immediately associate said thing with weed.  Cannabis consumers will use the term 710-friendly to differentiate they are referring to cannabis concentrates specifically.  Among pot smokers and non-pot smokers alike, 420 is fairly common language.  With cannabis concentrates being a newer option for consumption it is just getting into mainstream language.  But, if you are around people who are avid cannabis consumers, it is already a part of their vocabulary.  

Why is 710 DAB Day?

710 is “dab day” because in cannabis culture oil most commonly refers to dabs.  Dabs are concentrated forms of marijuana (hash). The most common forms are made with a solvent like butane or CO2, but there are other ways of making dabs.  Many people celebrate this joyous holiday by doing dabs.

Who ‘Invented 710’?

As with most things in marijuana culture, there’s no way to know for sure who coined the term 710 and applied it to marijuana concentrates. The rise of cannabis oil, and other various cannabis concentrates, has only happened in the past few years.  I hadn’t even heard of the term “dabbing” until 2012 when my partner told me about doing dabs in Southern California, well before I ever saw them around parties in Oregon.  It was in 2013 when I heard about the 710 holiday being compared to the 420 holiday and becoming an official stoner celebration.  While 420 has been celebrated for decades by stoners, the 710 stoner holiday is much newer.   There are no doubt many, many people out there that claim they were the ones that started it, or know the person that did. Such things are nearly impossible to prove, so rather than even try, we will just say that someone, sometime in the last handful of years started using the phrase and it stuck.

Is 710 the New 420?

Is 710 the new 420? It’s hard to say, since 420 celebrations have been taking place for decades now and cannabis concentrates and certainly dabbing weren’t much of a thing for most pot smokers until closer to 2012 or later. Either way, cannabis companies and cannabis advocates enjoy celebrating both of these days each year now! 

Is Dabbing Dangerous?

Smoking dabs can have disastrous consequences and dabbing can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Check out our article on the best way to do dabs, and remember, A Little Dab Will Do!



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