August 27, 2016

Dabbing Is for Wellness Too

August 27, 2016
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Since it’s Shatterday I thought it was appropriate to share the story of my sweet friend, Ms. Highclass 420.  This woman is more than meets the eye (although her dabs are certainly impressive) and her story is one that would be moving to even the most skeptical people out there.

Ms. Highclass 420 started her journey in the cannabis industry from the medical side of things, as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the young age of 18. After many failed treatments and unsuccessful surgeries, she turned to cannabis for her sole treatment. She found, as many do, that this plant worked against her disease in ways no other treatment had.

She has now been in remission 5 years and has a beautiful daughter she was told she would never have due to her condition.  This is a sound reminder to all of us that dabbing is for wellness too!

Her education on cannabinoids and their healing properties soon led to edibles, topicals, and tea making, and she now has her own business here in Oregon called High Class Edibles LLC.

Here she is dabbing Stephen Hawking oil from Dab Society Extracts

Connect with Ms. High Class 420 and learn more about her and her story:

Facebook: HIghclass Fourtwenty

Instagram: @mshighclass420

Ms Highclass 420 dabbing Stephen Hawking from The Weed Blog on Vimeo.


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