July 27, 2016

5 Mistakes New Marijuana Users Should Avoid

July 27, 2016
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I’m not recommending that everyone should go out and get high, but if you’re already using (and please let it be legal), then you may as well be properly educated. One of these five common marijuana mistakes can ruin the cannabis experience and turn you off permanently.  Awareness can help you avoid them.

Weed Anxiety and Panic From Overindulgence

Most people who’ve experienced anxiety as a result of marijuana have consumed too much too quickly.  Ease into cannabis use.  Go slow and allow time to observe the way your body reacts.   Too much marijuana causes elevated anxiety and panic attacks.  One bad marijuana experience can permanently taint your feelings about cannabis.

If you’re smoking or vaping, take one hit and wait 10 minutes. Wait for the weed to work.  Take more later.  Keep this in mind when you start a new strain.  Go slow.

Small doses are especially important when consuming edibles. The onset after oral consumption is much slower than smoking/vaping.  Ten milligrams is an often recommended starting dose.  If you’re prone to anxiety, consider cutting that in half.  Eat a small dose, wait two hours, and then decide if you need more.

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Ingesting the Wrong Weed Strain

Too many patients try cannabis (sometimes illegally), and when they don’t see positive results, they dismiss it.  The trouble is often in tied to the strain.  People react to different strains differently.  If the first strain doesn’t help your condition, try a different one

Educate yourself about cannabis strains before you experiment. Leafly has an excellent guide to strains.

Expecting Weed Magic

For me, marijuana was miraculous.  But I had already tried every pharmaceutical.  At the same time, I honestly didn’t expect much from cannabis.  Remember, for most conditions, cannabis is not a cure, it’s an ongoing treatment.  Usually, symptoms return if use is ceased.

Approach medical marijuana with cautious optimism and be patient.

The Side Effects of Smoking too Much Weed

Don’t use marijuana for the first time and then take your kid to a birthday party. (You might accidentally eat all the cake).  Seriously, there are side effects of marijuana.  In the beginning, you will feel high – plan accordingly.  Tolerance usually develops and the body often adjusts quickly.

Clear your schedule, and try it in the evening. Be responsible, and enlist support from friends or family.  Most importantly, go slow.

Not Educating Your Family For Safety or Keeping Your Weed in a Proper Container

I struggled with this one.  For me, marijuana was a new medication.  I wondered, did I really need to teach my kids about it?  And did I really need to lock up my medicine?

Lock up your weed. In a few short years, my boys will be teens.  A teenager’s prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, which means they cannot understand consequences and have poor impulse control.  Avoid temptation, avoid worry, and lock up your weed.  I bought this medicine lockbox from Amazon.  It’s affordable, has good reviews, and discourages overly curious brats.  Most importantly, I hope locking up my medicine lets my future teenagers know that mom’s proactive and always watching.  Or be way cooler than me and get this cherry blossom tokebox  from Amazon.  It’s stunning.

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