June 16, 2016

4 Tips To Save Money On Weed

June 16, 2016
tips for buying marijuana

tips for buying marijuanaRegardless if you’re someone who likes to periodically indulge or even if you’re an avid smoker, all marijuana enthusiasts enjoy saving money on their favorite herb. It comes down to either conserving your weed or just finding the absolute best deals to always make sure you’re not spending too much.

Tip #1- Cheap friends have to go

If you prefer to smoke with your buddies, this may be the hardest tip to accomplish. Think thoroughly though. If you *temporarily* cut off your smoker friends who only ever come around when you’ve got something to smoke, you’ll save a ton on weed. We’re not telling you to stray away from those who have your back when you’re low on weed, we’re just telling you to avoid the ones who never seem to have weed. Ever.

Tip #2 – Vaporize it

When rolling a blunt/joint, you can lose a little weed to the carpet or the air if you let the blunt burn for a bit too long. If I go on, this list of ways you lose weed from blunts/joints may drive you crazy. With vaping though, you get out all of the cannabinoids that you put put in! You’re also saving money on blunt wraps and don’t have to deal with the ashes.

Tip #3 – Roach blunt

It’s literally just that, a blunt made out of roaches. The perfect way to scrounge up extra weed is to *remember* to save every roach and store them for later so that you can make a roach blunt. Alternatively you could even break down their roaches and add their findings (minus the filter) to a bowl for a quick smoke.

Tip 4 – Buy before you’re dry

For this one, you’ll have to have some self-control. If you buy a little every time before you’re completely out, you’ll always have a stash for those rainy days. Where does the self-control kick in? Hiding your old stash from yourself and pretending you don’t know where it is. This way you always get started on the new purchase.

Tip 5 – Use the right tool

Now for the most powerful all-around tip. If you’d rather just find a way to save money on every purchase, every time, then we recommend using Leafbuyer. You use your gas rewards to save a few cents on the dollar to fill up your vehicle. You clip digital coupons for your preferred orange juice and pickles. You even use those two-for-one Groupons at your favorite restaurant. Why can’t the same idea work for your cannabis purchase?

Leafbuyer is all about marijuana deals, discounts, coupons and markdowns. If you’re looking to save a little green on the green, then this is the platform you should be utilizing. Stop hiding dime bags in your socks and start saving dimes on your purchases. Everyday consumers can browse nearby dispensaries nearest them, see which coupons are available for use, and then head on over to start the saving process! Leafbuyer is makes partnerships with hundreds of dispensaries so that you can find truly one-of-a- kind deals. With tools and tips like these in your pocket, you’ll be able to make the most of every dollar and stock up on all the buds, edibles, concentrates, and other infused products that your heart desires!


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