May 5, 2014

Why Super Silver Haze Is One Of The Most Popular Marijuana Strains

May 5, 2014
super silver haze marijuana strain

super silver haze marijuana strainBy Robert Bergman

Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds will wind up producing one of the most popular strains of marijuana that you can find. Super Silver Haze is taken from several other popular strains including Northern Lights and Skunk. It is technically sativa-dominant, and you’ll see that in the formation of the plant, but the smoke tends to reveal its latent indica characteristics. In any event, it’s certainly one of the most beloved and interesting strains of marijuana available to you.

Super Silver Haze Smoking Effects

As noted above, Super Silver Haze tends to produce much more body-oriented buzzes. The smoke tends to be relaxing and sleep-inducing rather than energetic. Still, Super Silver Haze is also valuable because it can clear your head and produce entirely different states of mind and being. It really gives you the whole package, and the best part is that it tends to last for large chunks of time. The sweet, piney aromas and fruity undertones also provide you with a pleasant sense of well-being as you smoke. There’s certainly a nearly divine feeling of pleasure that you get while smoking Super Silver Haze. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more information about Super Silver Haze.

Super Silver Haze Plant Features

The main draw of the Super Silver Haze strain is right in its name. Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds tend to make plants that are covered in silvery THC glands that are pleasing to the eye. The buds are long and sticky and the THC level is consistent at around 21%. The plants can get relatively tall and may become unwieldy to work with, but, if you have the patience, then it’s well worth the effort to cultivate Super Silver Haze. You can also limit vegetative growth so that they don’t get out of hand.

One of the other benefits of Super Silver Haze is that it is generally considered to be resistant to mold. This is particularly important if your grow room itself is susceptible to mold spores. The plants take a full 9 weeks to flower in most cases and will produce 21 ounces of weed per 10 square feet of plants. Feminized and autoflowering options are also available.

Super Silver Haze Medicinal Uses

The clear-headed, body buzz most associated with Super Silver Haze is ideal for a number of medical conditions. The strain has been shown to help with everything from depression to muscle cramps. Super Silver Haze’s lasting effects also allow you to achieve relief for long periods of time. So, if you have chronic pain, you can use Super Silver Haze to mitigate it throughout the day.

If you want to start growing, download my free grow guide and order some Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds. Top quality Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds are available in my marijuana seed shop. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. For any growing related question please visit the marijuana support page.

Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com


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