July 11, 2014

Champagne Marijuana Strain Review

July 11, 2014
The Champagne OG marijuana strain usually gets good reviews.

With the increasing legal options for medical and recreational (adult-use) cannabis, more and more people are searching for the strains that best suit their lifestyle and health needs.  The marijuana strain known as Champagne, Champagne OG, or Champagne Kush has proven to be a popular option for many, as it is a well-balanced hybrid with a classy and festive name and first-rate medicinal and recreational effects.

What Is Champagne Kush?

Generally speaking, the strains known collectively as “Champagne” are hybrid varieties, with lineage from both Indica and Sativa plants.  This creates a very pleasant range of effects and a balanced, enjoyable experience for many people. This blend comes from a harmonious melding of parent Burmese Kush and Hashplant strains, resulting in a leafy green bud absolutely covered in bright orange hairs and trichomes. It may be marketed as Champagne OG, Champagne Kush, Champagne Diesel, Champagne Weed or Bud, or just simply Champagne.

Champagne Kush Strain

Terpene Profile, Flavor, and Aroma of Champagne OG

Terpenes are what set different strains apart, imparting flavor, aroma, and psychoactive properties.  People typically describe the Champagne strain’s flavor as being not unlike its namesake, the bubbly sparkling wine of celebration and festivity originally from the Champagne region in France.  This translates to a taste with hints of sweet berries, grapes, and other fruits, with light floral overtones. The odor can be quite pungent, so keep that in mind if discretion is an issue.

Cannabinoid Content

Measuring THC content is a way to judge the overall amount of active compounds or “strength” of a particular strain.  The different Champagne varieties typically average around 15% THC, but can range as high as 22%.  While Champagne strains are often “Sativa-dominant”, some varieties do come out somewhat higher on the Indica side, with growers providing a wealth of options to tailor to your needs.

Effects and Medical Treatment

The different (Champagne marijuana strains) all are fast-acting, with effects typically lasting from around thirty to ninety minutes.  Many patients have reported it to be a very effective strain for treating depression, migraines, or inflammation. It also appears to be helpful for the alleviation of mild pain or anxiety. Recreational users typically report such effects as giddiness and laughter, uplifting feelings of joy and relaxation, and mild euphoria.  Negative side-effects are much the same as any cannabis product, namely dry mouth, red eyes and increased hunger.

What Strain is Pink Champagne?

There are many varieties of the Champagne strain out there, with “color variations” being one common type. For instance, both Purple Champagne and Pink Champagne are Indica-dominant hybrids derived from Ken Estes’ legendary Grandaddy Purp strain. Blue Champagne is a cross between Blue Dream and Champagne, a hybrid with an increased Sativa component provided by the Blue Dream. New varieties such as Tiger Champagne also appear regularly, so keep your eyes open!

One of the Champagne strains is always a great option if it is available, but if you are having trouble finding it in your area, many cannabis enthusiasts have found the following strains to be equally good alternatives.  You might consider trying Orange Crush, Blue Dream, Mimosa, Dosidos, Garanimals, Purple Punch, White 99 or Cereal Milk if you can’t track down Champagne. They say variety is the spice of life, you know!

What Is Champagne Wax?

Because we are now living in the future, many dispensaries now offer methods to electronically vaporize cannabis oil instead of old-fashioned combustion.  There are definite benefits to “vaping”, such as it being somewhat gentler on your respiratory system, and also more discreet. The THC can be extracted from Champagne bud and loaded into vape or “Bloom” cartridges, or made into “wax,” “butter,” honey,” and other concentrated products such as hash.  Many people consider these types of concentrates to be the future of the industry.

How Strong Is Champagne Cannabis?

The different varieties of Champagne Cannabis are all reliably pretty strong.  The most powerful indica strains available today usually top out at around 26% THC.  To compare, Champagne averages around 15% THC, but growing factors can push that as high as 22%, so Champagne is definitely no slouch.  As it is a hybrid, the effects are evenly split between the “up” feelings of Sativa and the “down” of Indica, although different crops or varieties may be stronger in one direction or the other.

Is Champagne Kush a Good Strain?

Obviously it depends on what you are looking for, but most people would heartily agree that the different varieties of Champagne bud are all excellent, whether they’re called Champagne OG, Champagne Kush, Pink, Blue or Purple Champagne, or something else entirely.  Evenly balanced effects and a pleasant floral taste and aroma are the hallmark of this bubbly, effervescent strain, and you will likely enjoy it as much or more than a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve!

Further Information on Cannabis Strains

One of the best online resources for marijuana news available today, The Weed Blog is a comprehensive website with all the latest news about pot activism, weed law and legalization, reviews of top strains and much more!  If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll find hundreds of articles about your favorite subject—learn something new about weed every day and you’ll be an expert in no time!

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champagne marijuana strain


champagne marijuana strain


champagne marijuana strain


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