How To Roll A Blunt


As stated before, the goal of this blog is to become the number one blog on the 'net for all weed related issues. This includes different ways to consume marijuana. So we will be running a weekly series on different ways to smoke down and we are starting it off with how to roll a blunt.

How to roll a blunt

Now, I'm not saying that I'm an expert, but I've smoked and rolled a lot of blunts. If you are already a pro, this might not help, but we all have smoked a crappy blunt so obviously someone can benefit from this. For me, smoking a blunt is cool because they are a great way to smoke out a couple people and you don't have to keep loading bowl after bowl. Once it is rolled, all the work is done. And if you are without a pipe, all you really need is a 7-11 and some weed.

The first step is to select a proper cigar. Most any brand will do, so long as it is fresh. You can check by giving it a little pinch on the end. If it fresh it will be slightly spongy and shouldn't crack or splinter (I usually go to the same store so I know which ones are fresh and which box has been there for months). Also take into consideration the size of the cigar since you will be filling this thing. Some people prefer blunt wraps but they are not as readily available as cigars.

Now you take out a couple of small nuggets and grind them up thoroughly between your fingers. You don't want to turn it to dust, just a uniform size and density. Some people like to use a grinder and that's cool too. Then unwrap the cigar and using your thumb nail or a small knife cut the blunt long ways and toss the tobacco aside. When your are done you should have a square piece of cigar paper. Then refill the paper with the weed you crumbled up and, starting at the ends, tuck and roll the cigar as if you were rolling a joint or a cigarette. Give it a small lick to seal one end over the other and you are set. You and three of your friends are ready to get blazed.

I've included this video to help illustrate. If you folks have anything you want to add, feel free.