July 9, 2018

Concentrate Review: Granddaddy Purple Cartridge from Eden Extracts

July 9, 2018
The GDP cartridge from Eden Extracts offers a smooth vape with effects noticeable in both mind and body.

Eden Extracts started out as a collaboration of two biotech experts who built an analytical lab to provide cleaner, safer, and more direct treatment to medical marijuana patients in California. That partnership has now paid off for the Eden Extracts brand as they maintain that same level quality for recreational users. The science-based applications used in handcrafting the brand’s signature distillate and cannabis terpene blends, is what sets it apart from others. They process a potent, terpene rich oil, that raises the standards in the cannabis industry.

Packaging: The sleek white boxes that the pen and cartridge are both simple and classy, and have all the information needed clearly labeled. They look pretty as a gift or as a replacement for your last pen that may have not done the trick. And then there’s the cartridge itself!! It has a high gloss white finish, custom-designed mouthpiece, and a quartz glass chamber with Japanese organic cotton, a ceramic heating element, and side air vents for when you draw…and which ensure a smooth vaping experience all around.

Taste: Even with this oil being a distillate, the taste was clean and very earthy. Although it was not the same as the fruity or berry like flavor from the flower of this strain, it was still enjoyable.

Effect: There is no doubt that this oil is potent, testing at 76.1%  total THC and 79.1%  total cannabinoids, and it’s effects are very noticeable in both mind and body. This oil delivers a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, typical with what you would find in the flower. However, perhaps because of it’s potency, I found that it had an uplifting effect, at least initially, as well.

The purity of the concentrate allows the re-introduced terpenes to really shine, because there isn’t any plant material still in the concentrate, which could impede the flavor of the terpenes. Eden Extracts has developed proprietary processes of cannabinoid purification, terpene extraction, and formulation that go into all of their products.

About Eden Extracts:

There is no other goal at Eden Extracts more important than achieving peak extraction performance for our product lineup. It is our core belief that the work put in to understanding all of the variables and complexities of cannabis extracts is paramount to creating a higher quality vape product. Our most basic standards begin with a lab analysis on the product’s potency, a clean pesticide report, and a lack of any microbial impurities. Beyond that, each product must be smooth, crisp, potent, and flavorful, to pass our test and be ready for cannabis newcomers, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike. At Eden Extracts, we believe in research and development . We believe in constantly improving our process. We believe in raising the bar. And most importantly, we believe in the products we produce.


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