March 13, 2014

How To Hide Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants

March 13, 2014
jorge cervantes outdoor marijuana garden time lapse

outdoor marijuana garden

Try to plant under trees or next to bushes, and keep only a few marijuana plants in any one spot. That way if some are discovered you’ll still have others to harvest. Through bending and pruning you can change the classic conical shape of the marijuana plants into something that might be mistaken for mere foliage. Plus, when you bend the stems horizontally, it can help to give more sun to growing buds, making your yield even larger.

Marijuana plants can be grown under trees, but remember that they need at least five hours of direct light and as much indirect light as possible (the more light, the higher the yield). Some cannabis growers have been known to pin flowers to their plants to help in the disguise. Another method is to grow near other plants that are close in color or size to your marijuana plants. Be careful though, because if these plants begin to wither and die, during the end of the summer growing season, your marijuana plants will stand out like a spotlight. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana.

Make sure your marijuana plants are out of sight from casual onlookers and try to take a different route to get to them each time you visit the site. When you visit your marijuana plants you might want to cover your tracks and try not to unsettle the environment too much. When seen from above, your different paths to the same place will have a bicycle wheel effect, focusing attention on the place where all the paths stop. Also, try to park near other cars even if it means taking a longer route to your marijuana plants. This is one reason why it is important to have a water source nearby. It is hard to look inconspicuous when toting a large amount of water into a remote area. Always have a good reason for being in the area and have the necessary items to make your claim believable.

These are some of the many contingencies that you must prepare for and think about well before you begin germinating your cannabis seeds. Sometimes it might be necessary to think small at first and grow fewer plants that you can be sure you will be able to harvest.

It can’t be said too many times; the most basic thing that you can do to protect your cannabis crop is to be very guarded about who you tell. If you must reveal its existence, never, ever disclose the location. If your site is well hidden then usually the reason you get ripped off or reported is because you bragged about your marijuana plants. If your plants are cut down or discovered, then it doesn’t matter how big they are or how much time you put in, because they won’t be there for you to harvest.

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