October 11, 2011

How Much Does a Dub or 20 Sack Weigh?

October 11, 2011
dub sack

Can we keep our slang straight?

Dub or 20 sack? American cannabis enthusiasts don’t need to travel abroad to experience the feeling of being lost in conversion translation between Metric and Imperial measurements; our own ganja jargon has inconsistencies which have caused more than one confusing weed deal.

Is it strictly a black market term?

In legal cannabis markets, dispensaries sell flower by conventional divisions of the ounce: gram, eighth, quarter. Your budtender will likely not compute if you try to order your Bubba Kush by the dub.

The term was initially used as slang for wheels or rims measuring 20 inches in diameter, but, over time, it became a surreptitious way of talking about a small purchase of pot without those around catching onto the conversation.

How many grams is a dub of weed?:  The weight of a dub

How Many Grams is a Dub of Weed

When supplying for a party, you usually want enough for 3-4 nice king size joints to keep the group adequately lifted. The first ‘dub’ I ever bought was in Saint Louis where my circle standardized the weight of a dub to be 3.5 grams.; the purchase only set me back $30. We Midwesterners appreciate a good bargain almost as much as we do a tightly packed joint.

But, as my stoner network expanded, so did the definition of “dub.” Later, others would insist my 3.5 gram dub was fiction, because “dub” was just interchangeable with “20 sack,” i.e. $20 worth of weed at the standard local rate. The going rate would have secured a mere 1.3-1.5 grams for $20. I was confounded.

So, I did as any pious stoner would and took to r/trees

What say the ents?

Is a dub a good deal?

Dub of weed weight


Peeling through Reddit and Grasscity and Quora, I felt my frustration mounting but also a growing oneness with my fellow tokers. NO ONE seemed to know the gospel truth behind the nebulous term. For every user saying that a dub was $20 worth, there was an incredulous stoner in California who only knew of a dub as being precisely 2 grams. Though, as I delved in deeper, I couldn’t even find a consensus on a state-by-state basis.

What does a dub look like?

How much does a 20 weigh in grams
20 sack ‘dub’ (1.5 grams) 
how many grams in a dub
3.5 gram ‘dub’

Who do I believe when it comes to measuring a dub of weed by weight?

There’s no use taking a side on this one. Just as Americans will never consider measuring road trips in kilometers, long-standing cannabis consumers will never reach a consensus on how to actually measure a dub.

At any rate, there’s a couple things you can do to prevent yourself from waffling another weed deal. 

Get on the same page

Next time you purchase a dub in a new locale or with a new connect, first clarify what a dub is to the other person. Until the term goes totally out of vogue, simply clarifying your counterpart’s meaning is the best you can do.

Know your local prices

If you’ve entered a locale where a dub commonly means a $20 bag worth of market value kush, you are best served by familiarizing yourself with the going rates so you can get the best bargain for your marijuana. You can check the going rates for cannabis in your city at ThePriceofWeed.com

Conclusion: Can we agree on the weight of a dub?

As regulated medical and adult-use marijuana becomes increasingly prominent in the United States, it is likely the term ‘dub’ will quickly become antiquated as the number of people covertly procuring weed shrinks.  As I finally did, you too must come to terms with the fact that this colloquial confusion has no satisfying resolution. The various dub factions of the community must agree to disagree on the standard weight measurement of a dub.

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