December 8, 2014

What is an ⅛ of Marijuana?

December 8, 2014
What does ⅛ of weed look like?

What is a 1/8 Ounce Called?

The answer to “What is 1 8 of weed called?” is actually quite interesting! The actual traditional name for a ⅛ of weed is a “slice”. Why, you ask? Well, as we all know, the connection between pot and the munchies is no mere cultural legend….that hunger is very, very real.

So, traditionally, how many slices are in a standard issue pie of pizza, the most beloved meal of stoners everywhere? You got it, 8! Hence, munchies and pot are connected culturally, and forevermore the standard issue transactional amount of weed is known as a slice!

How Much Does an 1/8 Usually Cost?

“How much is an ⅛ of weed?” is arguably the hottest economic topic of the day, at least in some circles! The truth is, there is no easy answer for this question, due to fluctuating legality. The widely different legalization regimes are going to have a massive effect on the price of weed.

As a general rule, the closer you are to an illegal state, the higher the price.  Legality tends to bring the price down, and the more dispensaries and weed stores open, the more competition will tend to further decrease prices. In general, when trying to figure out how much ⅛ is normally like this you want to look for the most stable, competitive market possible. In any case, in a competitive market, price averages out from about $35 to $45 for an ⅛ of weed right now. That said, if you want the prime stuff, you’d better be ready to pay up to $70 for select cuts! 

How Many Ounces is an 1/8th?

This one is quite simple! You see, the thing that ⅛ is referring *to* is an ounce! Hence, ⅛ is indeed ⅛ of an ounce of pot! An equally interesting question is how many grams is an ⅛ of weed? In the cannabis industry, an ⅛ is equivalent to approximately 3.5 grams.  

What Does Selling an 8th Mean?

“Selling an ⅛” is simply the standard way of describing a bog standard weed sale. An ⅛ is enough to roll a couple of joints, so it’s the baseline amount for sitting around and getting high with a friend, which was the natural unit of measurement that evolved from the time when pot was illegal to purchase nearly everywhere.

There’s something worth noting regarding its measurement in grams, though: we previously said that an ⅛ is about 3.5 grams, which is loosely true. But when you’re purchasing something, you might not be satisfied with “loosely”! In reality, it is technically 3.546 grams, and many dispensaries choose to round DOWN. This, of course, slights the customer of a small amount of their quality flower. You are well within your rights to politely but firmly request the *actual* amount you are due, or to take your business elsewhere! 

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