January 19, 2017

Tips for a Successful Wake and Bake

January 19, 2017
wake and bake

The wake and bake is a daily routine practiced by millions of marijuana smokers.

Some people would classify a wake and bake as activity that is done within minutes after opening your eyes in the morning. Then, there are others who say a wake and bake is after you have woken up, maybe after a shower and some breakfast. Really, a wake and bake is all the same, as long as it is within a few hours of waking up.

For me, wake and bake is part of my daily morning routine. As I get ready for the day, I’m sparking up. Lighting up a freshly rolled joint, or a fresh packed bowl in the morning wakes the senses, and with a good sativa bud, provides you the energy and creativeness you need to get through the day.

For those of you who say that “waking and baking leaves you feeling tired and lazy” there are some tips to change that and make you feel ready to start the day after a wake and bake. Always remember, a wake and bake can make your day or ruin your day, it’s just how you go about the wake and bake.

6 Tips for a Success Wake and Bake

1. Pick your morning marijuana strain wisely.

You need to put thought into the strain that’s perfect for your morning routine. It is important to stay away from indica strains in the morning due to its sedative properties, and that it can make the body lethargic. An indica bud will have you stuck in your bed, with your whole morning will be shot.

Sativa is a perfect strain to use for waking and baking. Sativa gives you a clear buzz and an energy boost. Sour Diesel is by far one of my most favorite strains to smoke as it is the most famous “high energy” strain. Sour Diesel is perfect for giving you energy, helping you focus, and giving you mental stimulation.

2. Eat Breakfast.

how to wake and bake

You can eat a full breakfast or grab some munchies before or after your wake and bake (it doesn’t matter). Filling up our stomachs with yummy food always makes us happy! And if you eat before or after toking, the effects of the high can last longer and you won’t feel as groggy as you did when you first woke up.

3. Exercise your time management skills.

Smoking cannabis can make time hazy, and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing with your day. Don’t worry it happens! Set an alarm or a timer so you know when your time is up and it’s time to get out the door. Wake and bake responsibility tip #749: don’t support the stereotypes by letting a wake and bake stop you from being productive.

Also, be sure to wake up a little earlier than you need to in order to enjoy the high and relax before starting a stressful day. If you are rushed and racing against time after your wake and bake, it will kill your buzz and make the entire smoking session pointless.

4. Keep an ice cold beverage handy.

weed dry mouth, successful wake and bake

Something like juice or a soda (coffee will only make dry mouth worse) is necessary for a wake and bake. When you first wake up in the morning, you almost always have that dry feeling in the back of your throat and in your mouth, and of course smoking cannabis can worsen this. It is a good idea to keep a cold beverage handy to sip on and keep your mouth wet while you wake and bake.

5. Don’t succumb to the lazy feeling.

Play some music with a catchy upbeat, enjoy a cup of coffee or an energy drink after you smoke. Try to do things as you are getting ready in the morning to boost your energy. Take your dog for a walk, make yourself some breakfast, but whatever you do, don’t find your way back into your warm, cozy bed! Being a productive stoner means you have to overcome and weigh out some of the effects that come with smoking marijuana.

6. Freshen up before leaving.

Put a couple of eye drops into your eyes, brush your teeth, and put on cologne or perfume to cover the stench before heading out to work or school, so you don’t smell like marijuana.

Being mindful of these simple steps, can make your wake and bake experience euphoric, and successful. I have been a daily smoker for three years, and have lived by these few tips and I have never had an unsuccessful wake and bake, I always feel (high of course) but also relaxed and positive, ready to go to work for 12 hours and face the day.

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