January 3, 2012

Marijuana World Records

January 3, 2012
marijuana world records

marijuana world recordsWorld Records In The World Of Marijuana

A little known fact about me is that I possess an above average knowledge of the world record process. I attempted a world record when I was in college, so I have researched it quite a bit. The biggest misconception out there with world records is the ‘Guinness effect.’ Guinness Book of World Records is so successful, that a world record isn’t considered a world record unless it’s in the book. However, there is only so much room in one book, and as a result, most records are left out. There are even businesses (such as The Book Of Alternative Records) that specialize in certifying world records that Guinness doesn’t have interest in.

When you look at Guinness’ website and search for marijuana records, three items come up on the search: marijuana being the oldest plant used for products (6,000 years), biggest counter drug operation, and craftiest drug mule. The first marijuana world record that they list is not very interesting, the biggest counter drug operation is probably less interesting, and the third marijuana world record is too subjective to even be a real record.

The only true world record that I could find is the story of Irvin Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, who consumed his 115,000th marijuana joint in 2009. Irvin Rosenfeld is now the world record holder for consuming more marijuana than any other person ever. As if the shear numbers didn’t make this interesting enough, the federal government supplied all of those marijuana joints. Below are some videos of claims for marijuana world records. I will leave it up to readers to determine if they are ‘official’ or not.


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