October 30, 2013

How To Make Marijuana Taffy

October 30, 2013
marijuana taffy cannabis watermelon recipe

Cannabis Taffy Recipe

All of my friends and family will attest that I have one of the biggest sweet tooths around. My friends and family will also attest that I love to consume marijuana. It’s amazing to see that both of those world’s have collided in Watermelon’s latest video which walks us through how to make marijuana taffy. This could cause a vicious cycle if you are like me, because you will eat the taffy to get high, then get the munchies, which leads to eating more taffy…I think it’s a good dilemma to have though! A special thanks to Watermelon for giving us permission to post her amazing videos. To learn more about Watermelon and her amazing cooking skills, visit her website. To read an interview that we did with Watermelon in 2010, click here:


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