Best 9 Marijuana Strains For Back Pain

It is complicated to identify the cause & solution in several cases, using marijuana strains can help people find relief
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There are different levels of severity of back pain suffered by patients. Similarly, the duration may vary as well. While few people may suffer for only a few hours, others will be susceptible to the pain for days or weeks together.

Many a times, it is challenging for doctors to determine the exact cause of back pain. The spinal cord is a complicated chain of bones held together, which connects to several parts of the body.

Why does back pain occur?

While lifting a weighted object improperly, ligaments and muscles can get strained. This can cause muscle spasms.

There can also be a few structural problems which cause back pain. These include bulging disks, sciatica, arthritis and ruptured disks.

In addition to this, minor lifestyle fault such as wrong posture, sleeping on a bad mattress, work pressure can also cause back pain.

Using cannabis to treat back pain

  1. It can reduce symptoms accompanying back pain, such as anxiety and insomnia.
  2. Cannabis reduces or kills the pain.
  3. It can also decrease the dependance on harmful medications.

Recommended marijuana strains for back pain:

1. Gorilla Glue

A cross breed between Sour Diesel and Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Glue is also termed as 420 Glue. It is a balanced hybrid with an average 25% THC. It has strong effects and is effectively used for chronic back pains and chronic conditions. Since it induces a deep sleep, it is advisable to use this strain before bedtime.

2. Candyland

It is a cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Grandaddy Purple. Candyland is a sativa dominant strain and is effective in reducing muscle tension and chronic pain. It reduces stress and fatigue, while also lifting spirits of the user. THC levels are 24% while CBD 1%.

3. Uncle Andy

This strain is covered in trichomes and is of Grade A category. It is not very popular but is effective for treating back pain. It has a fruity, skunky smell and and provides an intense high, normally lasting upto three hours.

4. OG Kush

OG Kush contains 1& CBD and 23% THC. It is more psychoactive compared to others and is an Indica dominant strain. Due to its high THC levels, it provides a euphoric high which eases the user from muscle spasms and pain. OG kush is popular and can be purchased from local marijuana dispensaries. OG Kush is highly effective to get rid of lower back pain.

5. Bubba Kush

THC levels are up to 22% while CBD 1%. It is a combination of Northern Lights and OG Kush. It is psychoactive and decreases stress as well as muscle tension. Bubba Kush is an Indica dominant strain.


It is a Sativa dominant hybrid. ACDC is high in CBD (20:1) and the CBD can vary between 16- 24% CBD, while THC levels can range between 0.4%- 1.2%. It does not have much psychoactive effects due to the high CBD levels but is highly effective as a painkiller to treat chronic pain including back pain.

7. Headband

A hybrid between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, headband has THC levels up to 29% while CBD levels are 1%. It relaxes the muscles and Hrelieves pain effectively. It's affect on back pain is long lasting.

8. Harlequin

With relatively high CBD levels (4%- 10%), Harlequin is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is a cross between Thai, Columbian Gold and Swiss Landrace. Due to higher CBD levels, it is ideal to use harlequin to treat pain without experiencing a high. It us one of the most calming and relaxing strains, ideal to be used during the day.

9. Skywalker OG

A combination of Skywalker and OG Kush, Skywalker OG is Indica dominant. It reduces pain and other symptoms related to chronic back pain.

Due to complex nature of this nature of pain, several patients find extreme relief from back pain in using cannabis strains.