January 29, 2018

The Top 10 Gifts for your Stoner Sweetie on Valentine’s Day 2018

January 29, 2018
Kush Kards
Regardless of who your stoner sweetie is this Valentine’s Day, these cannabis centric gifts are sure to please.

What are the best marijuana gifts for Valentine’s Day?

Ready for celebrating love (and weed!) on Valentine’s Day this year? These gifts are perfect for your stoner sweetie this Valentine’s Day and can help you celebrate your love for weed when you are alone or together.

Tamper Necklaces from Soothsayer

Soothsayer: Ever wished you had a pretty and functional way to carry a pinner preroll with you for a date? Me too! Here is your answer…Soothsayer makes both brass and 14 K gold necklaces in cylinder, square, or bullet designs. The necklaces make a nice touch to dress up any outfit, and you will never be without a pinner joint to share with your stoner sweetie again.

Joint-Ready Valentine’s Cards Kush Cards

Kush Cards: named “The Hallmark of Marijuana” by Herb.co and Merry Jane magazine, these cards are great for your sweetie or your buddies for just about any occasion or holiday, but they have several new and unique designs specifically for Valentine’s Day. These cards are creative and beautiful in design and have a perfect spot at the top to stick your favorite joint and a match-scratch on the bottom for lighting it. Puff, puff, pass!

The (CBD-only) Weekend Box by The Weekend Box

The Weedkend Box: this is the very first exclusively CBD-Only Weekend Box, and has been curated for ultimate wellness. This “New Year, New You” box features 6 different products from top CBD brands such as Bella, Caviar Gold, Select Oil, and more! Purchase one box or an entire year’s subscription for your stoner sweetie this Valentine’s Day to incorporate CBD in his/her life and experience maximum wellness year round.

Rose Gold Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes: these are the sleekest and most beautiful Dipper yet, in my opinion. Remember that one year when the bright pink Motorola Razr flip phone was THE big trend for the best Valentine’s Day gift? This is that gift for stoners, only better. The Dipper is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer that offers a simple way to dab without a rig, torch, or any loading. Perfect for a sesh with your stoner sweetie at home or out on a date.

The Maya Handbag by Annabis

Annabis: This beautiful handbag has an Italian leather exterior, and comes in a variety of colors, but my picks for Valentine’s Day would be the Rose Gold Foil (featured below) or the Red Lizard designs. Not only does The Maya look perfect with any outfit, but your stoner sweetie will have Aroma-Bloc patented technology on all the zippers, keeping any of that dank, terpy cannabis she is toting around from smelling while she’s on the go or on your date. You can throw this carry bag in a tote or use it like a clutch. It has an easy-access but secure external phone pocket and also neatly organizes her tools of discretion like mints, eye drops and perfume.

The Leather Dugout by Silverstick

Siverstick: The Leather Dugout (which comes in both brown and black) is designed for your stoner sweetie’s life on the go. It holds your lighter, pipe, cannabis, poker, and filters in one discrete and compact place the size of the palm of your hand. Each Leather Dugout is handmade in the U.S. out of warm, high-quality leather, and Silverstick has even etched icons of the contents into the leather, so your sweetie will know exactly where they fit best. This is one of the most stylish smoke accessories I have ever seen, and is still simple and functional and gets the job done efficiently.

Traveling High and Tripping Hard by Joseph Davida

Is your stoner sweetie a book lover? If so, Traveling High and Tripping Hard is sure to please. This book is the story of a young man’s quest to find the meaning of life through a series of altered states and high adventures…using everything from cannabis to hallucinogens and going everywhere from the U.S. to Asia. This story is everything from captivating to enlightening to humorous and will surely be an enjoyable addition to your stoner sweetie’s book collection.

The Nuggy Hybrid and The Nuggy Dab by NugTools

NugTools: as you may recall from our previous coverage of this product, this is the Swiss Army Knife for weed! Perfect for Valentine’s Day (especially the PINK style!) or any gifting occasion for your stoner sweetie, these spring-loaded multi tools are made from stainless steel tool construction and heat resistant aluminum oxide shell that can be used as a carb cap. The Nuggy Dab includes 4 dab tools (specifically for concentrates), and the Nuggy Hybrid has 6 tools for both flower and concentrates. Both come in a white gift box with discreet shipping/packaging.

High There Cannabis Social Network

High There: I would be remiss if I did not give mention to the High There! smartphone app, which is basically like Tinder for stoners. While over 70 Million Americans can now legally consume cannabis in some form, there is still a need for a stigma-free environment for cannabis consumers to meet each other to connect and date. Cannabis consumers can say “High There!” to each other and form meaningful relationships without judgment in a fun and tech forward app. Connections of all kinds can be made on this cannabis social network, and perhaps you will meet a future stoner sweetie this year when you sign on!

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook by Cheri Sicard

This cookbook has you covered for some new and fun experiences in the kitchen with your stoner sweetie. The book includes cannabis information, cooking tips, and over 60 cannabis infused recipes for both sweet and savory edibles. Infused Valentine’s Day dinner and desert? Yes please!

However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your stoner sweetie, these gifts will help enhance the holiday and offer you an option to celebrate your love for cannabis together! Enjoy!


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