March 23, 2020

Concentrate Review: Papaya Live Resin by Viola

March 23, 2020
The papaya live resin by Viola has a fruity taste and relaxing effect.

Viola was founded in 2011 by 16 year NBA veteran Al Harrington. The inspiration for starting the company came from Al’s grandmother who suffers from glaucoma and diabetes. With some convincing from Al, she reluctantly agreed to try cannabis for her pain and found immediate relief. Inspired, Al was moved to create a purposeful company in the space and named it Viola, after his grandmother.

Viola makes a variety of cannabis products, and reviewing the Papaya Live Resin of theirs was really a treat. Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is manufactured using a technique that takes freshly harvested cannabis and freezes it to subcritical temperatures prior to and throughout the extraction process. The plant is flash frozen immediately following harvest. As a result, the cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile, thus retaining the plant’s original flavor and fragrance, which will be present in the final product. Viola has been producing Live Resin for over 3 years in Oregon (and since 2014 in other states), and curates over 100 different varieties, all with different smell, effect, smoke and flavor profiles. Papaya is Viola’s signature strain.

The sample of Viola’s papaya live resin that I reviewed had 17.18% total terpenes (see image below for more info) and was 66.20% THC and 0.56% CBD.


As with all things Viola, the packaging was simple, sleek, functional and branded beautifully. The glass container works perfectly for scooping the concentrate onto your rig or e nail, or for other handheld devices like my new fav the Evri from Dip Devices. Also, Viola includes the top three terpenes on our packaging so the consumer has more information to cater to their specific needs.


Super delicious! Very fruity and sweet. This is high in trans-farnesene and the genetics are Citral x Ice.  The flavor is immediate upon the inhale and even leaves your mouth with fruity notes after you’re done with your dabs.  


Viola’s papaya live resin produces a very relaxed and mellow effect but does not make you sleepy…at least not initially. The effect is perfect for riding out the afternoon or for unwinding in the evening. The sweet smell and flavor just add to the enjoyable effect of this concentrate.

About Viola:

Viola’s purpose is promoting social equity by increasing minority participation in the cannabis industry and positively impacting communities by reinvesting into the most affected by the war on drugs. Their full-spectrum extracts are a type of cannabis concentrate that aims to capture as much of the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of that raw cannabis plant as possible. They are strain specific, rich in terpenes, and concentrate therapeutic biomolecules from the trichome while eliminating potential impurities like fats, lipids, and waxes. Each strain consists of a unique profile, and anywhere from 13% to 40% terpenes


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