June 18, 2011

Bloom Kush Marijuana Strain Review

June 18, 2011
Bloom Kush

I couldn’t find a lot out there on this strain. I have smoked it many times up here in Oregon; I’m not sure if it is rare in California, or maybe it is a relatively new breed? Whatever the explanation is, one thing is for sure – this stuff is the supers. If you are lucky enough to see this in a dispensary/collective/club/lounge/whatever-you-call-it-in-your-area, you should make sure to swoop up some. It is TASTY.

Bloom Kush Review by Culture Magazine

Bloom KushBloom Kush has a “007” aroma and a “Diamonds Are Forever” sparkle. What a beautiful bud! It looks great and smells great and has a smooth hit. This is a bud with a fresh taste and notes of gourmet dark chocolate, and it packs a deliciously smooth and relaxing hit. This strain has an interesting Diesel-like flavor and delivers a satisfying experience that takes you to far-away places. Casablanca, anyone? Smooth in a water pipe, this strain sports a deeper and more relaxing experience than many of its other relatives. This is a woodsy Kush with an aroma and taste that live up to its name. Bloom Kush is a 100 percent indica from Blue Coast Center in Bloomington. This strain is useful for treating the symptoms of arthritis, colitis, glaucoma, PMS and nausea.


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