June 26, 2014

How To Grow Northern Lights Marijuana Indoors

June 26, 2014
Northern Lights strain

How to Grow Northern Lights Marijuana Indoors

Think about your most coveted marijuana strains. It’s likely that Northern Lights is one of them, as it has been one of the most popular strains grown throughout the last twenty years. It’s popularity has inspired a variety of cross-breeding as well, so you’ve likely enjoyed other strains genetically related to Northern Lights.

In the early days of high-quality cannabis production and consumption, Northern Lights was often mythically discussed but rarely available. However, with cannabis legalization rapidly expanding across the U.S., the Northern Lights strain is more easily accessible than ever before to both cultivators and consumers. Is Northern Lights easy to grow? You will find it’s no more difficult to cultivate than other high-grade weed strains.  

Northern Lights is an indica strain with 14-18% THC content and less than 1% CBD. Like most other indica strains, consuming Northern Lights bud will produce a relaxing or sedative effect. It is also an effective sleep aid and analgesic. The myrcene and caryophyllene terpenes found in Northern Lights give it a strong herbal and peppery flavor and aroma. Unless you’re suffering from chronic pain, I would suggest reserving this euphoric strain for evening consumption. 

How Much Does Northern Lights Strain Yield?

Like most cannabis strains, Northern Lights can be grown indoors or outside. With a proper indoor environment, a Northern Lights strain yield could amount to 18 ounces per 10 square feet. An outdoor environment will require a longer cultivating time and can produce a plentiful yield of about 22 ounces per plant. 

Northern Lights Flowering Time

The Northern Lights plant will flower in about 8-10 weeks, with some reports claiming a week earlier. Most sativa strains require several more weeks to flower, making the Northern Lights flowering time significantly shorter than most sativas. There are also autoflowering varieties of Northern Lights seeds to choose from, which would begin to produce flower 1-2 weeks earlier. 

Northern Lights Grow Info: 

A Northern Lights grow is fairly easy to maintain. It has remained a favorite for breeders over time, often noted for its predictability. Northern Lights bud is dense and durable. Compared to other strains, Northern Lights is more resistant to pests, disease, and bud rot. Low odor, easy cultivation, and large yields make this strain appealing for a wide range of cultivators. 

How Long Does It Take to Grow Northern Lights? 

From seed to smokable harvest, the average cannabis growth cycle is about 3-4 months, or even longer depending on a number of factors. A fast-finishing strain like Northern Lights, however, can reduce that time to 3-3.5 months. Northern Lights plants will grow in a vegetative stage for 4-5 weeks and flower in about 8-10 weeks. 

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Northern Lights Strain FAQ:

How Tall Does Northern Lights Grow Indoors?

Northern Lights is a strain that produces small plants, so you won’t have many concerns about vertical space in your cultivation area. Despite that some Northern Lights plants have been reported to grow between 40 and 60 inches Northern Lights will still tend to be smaller than most other cannabis plants. 

Is Northern Lights Easy to Grow?

Northern Lights is fairly easy to grow. The Northern Lights strain flowering time is short, and the plant is dense and durable. It’s resistant to pests and disease and usually produces a bountiful harvest, often surprising the novice cultivator. I would recommend this strain for inexperienced cultivators and those who are looking for a quick turnaround for harvest. 

Can You Grow Northern Lights Outdoors?

While Northern Lights is a good choice for indoor cultivators, it can be grown outdoors as well. It grows best in sunny climates in areas with long, warm summers. The ideal temperature for growth is about 70-85° F. Keep in mind, outdoor growing will take significantly longer periods of time than indoor. 

Is Northern Lights a good strain?

Northern Lights is an excellent indica strain with THC content peaking at about 18%. It has dense buds that will produce euphoria and sedation when consumed. This strain is effective at alleviating pain and inducing sleep but is not ideal for daytime consumption. Sativa strains are more appropriate during the day as they provide uplifting, stimulating effects.  


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