May 14, 2019

7 New Types of Pre-rolled Cones that Help Your Pre-rolls Stand Out

May 14, 2019

As the cannabis industry matures, prices have fallen and competition has increased. It’s more and more important to have a strong brand and a quality product if you want to make it through nation-wide legalization. When it comes to pre-rolls, it’s hard to differentiate. One-gram pre rolls were the industry standard at the start and now we have all sorts of sizes and shapes for pre-rolls. Pre-roll multi-packs have grown in popularity and so have infused pre-rolls. If you are looking to enter the pre-roll market or want to expand your pre-roll line – try one or more of these new and unique pre-roll concepts!

1. Hemp wrap blunt cone

When it comes to rolling up something to smoke, you’ve got two options – a joint or a blunt. However, when cannabis first went legal, the only pre-rolls available were joints. It is against the law to mix cannabis and tobacco, so you can’t have traditional blunts; however, there are no hemp wrap blunts. Pre-rolled hemp wrap blunt cones are designed to fit in all standard knockboxes, so you can instantly add a new SKU to your pre-roll line! Hemp wrap blunt cones are made from all-natural hemp, which creates a super slow burn and adds a full flavor to you flower.

2. Spiral Tip Pre-Rolled Cones

Every pre-roll you buy is going to have pretty much the same filter tip – the classic W shape. Some cones may have a filter tip with just a straight line down the middle – however these can allow a lot of Scooby snacks into your mouth. If you want something unique and with a tighter draw, try a spiral tipped pre-rolled cone. The spiral design creates a slightly tighter draw, which creates a smoother smoke and is conducive for big hits. The spiral pre-rolled cone is not only pretty, but the spiral shape also prevents any small pieces of flower from getting in your mouth. Also, the additionally surface area helps cool the smoke down slightly more.

3. Palm Leaf Cone

Like the hemp wrap blunt cone, the palm leaf cone is another blunt-style pre-rolled cone. Compared to the hemp wrap pre-rolled cone, the palm leaf cone is going to add more flavor to your flower. For those consumers who really want to taste each strain, palm leaf cones are not great. However, for flower that isn’t to0 terpy and flavorful, palm leaf cone enhance the flavor and create a unique smoking experience. This cone can bring back life to your trim! Some palm leaf cones don’t fit in standard knockboxes, so be careful when buying. Palm leaf cones are slow burning and usually come with a cornhusk filter tip. Why a cornhusk filter tip? Check out the next pre-roll idea to learn more.

4. Corn husk filter tip

Taking it one step further from the spiral tipped pre-rolled cones, cornhusk pre-rolled cones have an even tighter draw, which creates really smooth hits. The cornhusk does not add any flavor to your flower, so there is nothing to worry about there. Compared to paper filter tips, these cornhusk tipped pre-rolled cones are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Cornhusk tipped pre-rolled cones are great for brands that have organic and earth friendly company values. The cornhusk tip creates a really stunning visually, as you will definitely notice it peaking out the bottom of the joint. If you want custom branding, you can add an external wrapping on the outside of the pre-rolled cone. 

5. Bio-degradable hemp filter tip

Creating a pre-rolled cone with a unique filter tip is the easiest and most scalable way to create a new pre-roll product. Another new and interesting pre-roll filter option is something more similar to a cigarette style filter. However, compared to cigarette filter, which are made from plastic, you can now have a pre-rolled cone with a biodegradable hemp filter in it. Compared to a paper filter tip, the biodegradable hemp filter is going to be dense and squishy, so it will filter much more from the smoke. When smoke is filtered, you are going to filter out both the good things and bad things. You will filter out more tar and carcinogens, but you will also filter out some THC and other cannabinoids. Lucky for you, these biodegradable hemp filter pre-rolled cones are designed to have a much higher flow than cigarette filters.

6. Glass tip or Wood Tip

Probably the most unique and most luxurious pre-roll filter option is going to be the glass or wood tip. There’s two ways you can go about doing this and you can’t go wrong with either option – you can put the filter tip inside the cone like normal or have a bigger tip on the outside. Have the filter tip wrapped inside the cone creates a slightly lower profile joint and having the filter tip on the outside creates a much larger pre-roll with a big and tactile mouthpiece. Both wood tips and glass tips can be custom branded, so if you want to add custom branding think about engraving vs. printing. Another cool thing to consider is the shape of the filter tip, both wood and glass can be shaped into any shape and pretty much any color. Wood tips or glass tips typically help cool the smoke down as it passes through the extra length. Additionally, having a luxurious tip like this creates tighter and bigger draws.

7. Custom Sizes

Last, but not least, is creating a totally new and unique sized pre-rolled cone. People have already made small, large, and thin pre-rolls, but there is still a ton of innovation out there! For example, why hasn’t anyone made a super thick and fat pre-roll? I know there are really small personal joints, but why not add a super long filter tip, so the smoke isn’t so hot?! When it comes to pre-rolled cones, you can really customize any aspect. The total length, opening diameter, bottom diameter, and filter length – with those 4 variables you can create endless sizes and shapes for pre-rolls. Mix and match a custom sized pre-rolled cone with any of the other ideas on this list to really create a unique pre-roll product. For example, a custom 2 gram hemp wrap blunt cone with a corn husk filter tip! 

Custom Cones USA has the widest variety and highest quality pre-rolled cones. Everything from bulk, whole pre-rolled cones, to custom branded cones, hemp wrap blunt cones, and any of the other crazy idea in this list. Custom Cones USA can customize any aspect of your pre-rolled cones and can even make custom pre-rolled tubes. No need to worry about creating a custom sized cone and not being able to fill it, Custom Cones USA also offers their own Industrial Pre-Rolled Cone Filling Machine. Their pre-roll machine can be customized to fit any size, so dream big!


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