August 19, 2013

Mango Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

August 19, 2013
mango marijuana strain

Mango Marijuana Cannabis Review And Pictures

Mangos parentage is part KC 33 and part Mango from a hippie fellow who grew it for 30 years, then let KC use it as a cross in 1991. It is a 100 percent indica strain that grows large and produces prodigiously. Dont let Mango’s slow start fool you – this variety will eventually rival the impressive size of many KC varieties, which are especially intended for outdoor grows. If you want Mango to stay at an average size in an outdoor garden, allow only 3 weeks of vegetative time and transplant outdoors as late as July in Northern latitudes. Mango can also be grown in an indoor garden, but needs a lot of space.

“I had this strain from tailored health center (thc) in Imperial Beach San Diego when it was open. Has to be in my top three strains I have ever smoked. The taste was amazing but the high is what I remember most. I was happy and hungry, very similar to the first time smoking.” – spacedcowboy420

Check out the Mango marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Mango, and how Mango affects various ailments.

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mango marijuana strain


mango marijuana strain


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