March 21, 2014

How To Grow Big Bud Marijuana Indoors

March 21, 2014
big bud marijuana cannabis seed seeds sensi seeds
big bud marijuana cannabis seed seeds

Although growing indoors might limit some people, Big Bud marijuana seeds can produce high yields in a minimum of space. One of the best things about Big Bud is right in its name. The buds are obviously large, but the smoke is one that will stick with you as well. The strain calls Skunk one of its antecedents, making it a distinctly indica-dominant hybrid. Big Bud offers a lot of good things that will be valuable to any grower, novice or otherwise.

 Big Bud Smoking Effects

Despite the major influence from Skunk #1, Big Bud doesn’t possess the same kind of deadening effects you’d expect with an indica-dominant strain. In fact, many people have noted the smoothness of the smoke and its ability to produce an energetic rather than lethargic stone. In reality, Big Bud sort of sits in between those two extremes and neither knocks you out nor perks you up to any major degree. The effects of the smoke last for quite some time (well over 2 hours in many cases). The fruity, grape-like scents that the smoke produces are particularly appealing and the reason why Big Bud is a number choice for many growers. 

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Big Bud Plant Features

Obviously, the distinguishing feature of the Big Bud marijuana strain is the fact that it produces huge buds. In many cases, you might have to support the branches on your own because the buds tend to bend the branches downward. Big Bud is also a plant that doesn’t reach mammoth heights. It will only get up to about 15 or 20 inches, making it ideal for your indoor garden. Still, if you purchase Big Bud marijuana seeds, you can expect to have high yields of around 21 ounces per 10 square feet.

The plant itself has kind of a musty, dank smell that hearkens back to its Skunk forebears. You can expect about 17% THC content. You can also get feminized or autoflowering Big Bud marijuana seeds. But, again, the major distinguishing feature of Big Bud plants is their nice, giant, and sticky buds.

Big Bud Medicinal Uses

Big Bud doesn’t have a lot of medicinal indications, but it can be used as a general pain reliever, anxiolytic, and anti-depressant. Many people have used Big Bud to achieve much more euphoric feelings and emotions. Depending on whether it hits you with more of the indica qualities, Big Bud has also been used as a sleep inducer by some individuals.

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Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com


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