January 15, 2012

How Often Should I Change My Bong Water?

January 15, 2012
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marijuana bongHow Often Do You Change Your Bong Water?

We all have that friend with a bong so dirty you don’t want to smoke out of it, but at the same time you aren’t going to be the one to clean it right? That is one of my biggest pet peeves as a marijuana consumer – the dirty bong. Assuming the bong is see-thru, if I can’t see through the water, it is clearly time for a change. Personally, I like to have fresh bong water for every session. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I will add ice to the situation. But at the very least, I would like ‘somewhat’ clean bong water when I am participating in a marijuana session.

Is there anything worse than the smell from a dirty bong that was spilled on the floor? It always reminds me of the movie Grandma’s Boy where the guy says, “Maybe if you’d clean it every once in awhile it wouldn’t smell like your girlfriend’s ass!” Ninjasmoker said he spills his bong at least two to three times a week, so fresh bong water is vital for him. As a guy that smokes off of his bong often, the effort is appreciated. What is the best thing to clean up a dirty bong party foul? Any tips out there TWB? I usually just soak it up with a towel and spray the spot with Febreeze until I no longer feel like I’m going to ralph.

Why is Bong Water so Gross?

Dirty bong water can take away from your piece too. I don’t know how many of my friends have amazing pieces to smoke marijuana out of, yet their bong looks like it is using cola for the water ha ha. If you love your piece, and you want to show it off properly, which is probably the reason you bought it in the first place, keep that bong water as clear as possible!

Dirty bong water also greatly takes away from the taste of the marijuana that the consumer is smoking. It is almost offense to me when I bring over some top notch marijuana to consume at a friend’s house, and their bong is nasty. We might as well be smoking mids because the flavor just isn’t there. For me, consuming marijuana is a lot like Ratatouille eating food. I don’t just want to consume it, I want to cherish the experience. I want to smell the nug before I smoke it, and absolutely I want to taste the difference in the marijuana strain. I definitely don’t want to taste week old stale bong water.

Is it Safe to Drink Dirty Bong Water?

I tried to research as much as possible on the web to dig up info on bacteria in bong water, but I couldn’t find anything reliable. There were a few references on forums, but not anything as far as a scientific study. One person stated the following, which I think is logical, “Bong water that is more than 22 hours old will start to create bacteria and if you do get sick, take care of yourself because if not treated properly or at all, that kind of bacteria can lead to respiratory problems…” If any readers out there can dig up anymore info on this, or if you just happen to be a stoner biologist, please post info in the comments below so that others can benefit from your knowledge.

After asking readers how often they clean their bong water. The results are:

Every Session8454.19%
Regularly, but not every time3925.16%
Every now and then2214.19%
Clean my bong water?!106.45%

Apparently, people are drinking bong water and advocating others to do so because it gets you high. I can’t think of too many things that would make me more sick to my stomach than drinking bong water, but maybe I’m out of the mainstream on that one?? Hopefully there is enough access to marijuana in your area that you don’t have to resort to this activity, but if so, please explain to me what possesses you to do that!

Keep your Bong Clean!

To sum up, please do all marijuana consumers a favor and keep your bong water clean. Here is an article if you need tips on how to clean your bong, or pipe,

Marijuana Leaf Bong With Ice


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