Cin X True North Extracts CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge Review


Vape pens are very popular right now. That popularity rise has paralleled the rise in popularity of cannabis concentrates. Right now, cannabis cartridges are all the rage. Vape pen cartridges are convenient, they provide consistent measured hits, are more incognito than most wax/shatter attachments, and require no maintenance, unlike wax/shatter attachments.

Cin X True North CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge

I recently got my hands on a Cin X CO2 vape pen cartridge from True North Extracts. I've tried about a dozen different brands of CO2 vape pen cartridges, and a few dozen strains total. This is hands down the best CO2 vape pen oil I have ever tried. The Cin X strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that comes as a result of crossing Hindu Kush and Cinderella 99.

I have smoked a lot of Cinderella 99 in my day. My friend Travis has always been a big fan of it, and he has kicked me down a lot over the years. The first thing I noticed when I took a pull from the Cin X vape pen cartridge was the taste of the Cinderella 99 coming through. I have never had the taste come through like that before from a CO2 cartridge.

The inhale was super smooth. The exhale didn't have any 'lung bite' which was nice, considering many vape pen cartridges have a less than desirable exhale. The high from the cartridge was very head oriented, as expected. It made me feel energetic and easy going. The high also lasted quite awhile, with a slight creeper body high over time.

The Cin X vape pen cartridge by True North Extracts was tested Rose City Labs and returned at 66.53% THC and .15% CBD. Chck out True North Extracts' website for the locations that carry their cartridges, 'like' them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.