March 21, 2019

The Dr. Dabber Switch: a New Semi-portable Vaporizer

March 21, 2019
Dr. Dabber Switch
I walk through of the brand new magnetic induction vaporizer that works for both concentrates and dry herb.

We are always looking for the most innovative products in the cannabis sector, and this one is making waves with it’s entry!

Dr. Dabber Switch: A Portable Vaporizer for Dabbing

Are you a cannabis vaporizer enthusiast that is looking for something completely new with next level performance? I had the chance to spend some real up close and personal time with a Dr. Dabber Switch which is powered by a unique induction heating process which blew my mind. This is defiantly not just another vaporizer but a whole new concept for vaping concentrates and dry herb.

To really create something unique the engineers at Dr. Dabber went back to the drawing board to develop a new heating technology that is faster and more efficient because it heats from the inside out unlike traditional convection and conduction systems which heat from the outside in.

The Stats

  • Fast Induction Heating
  • Smooth & Consistent Flavor
  • 25 Calibrated Heat Settings
  • Up To 150 Cycles Per Charge
  • Self-Cleaning Mode Burns Away Residue
  • Completely Leak proof
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • 2-Year warranty

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch Technology 

Unlike convection and conduction systems we are used to seeing, the Switch uses Magnetic induction to almost instantly and exactly heat a small ceramic induction cup which contains your concentrate of dry herb. Heating time from stand by is just 5 seconds to be fully ready to use. The induction method of heating allows for very exact temperature settings and this allows the user to dial in the perfect temperature for the material they are vaping. Once you are dialed in you can experience incredible flavors and aromas produced at lower temperatures. At higher temperatures you’ll produce massive tasty vapor clouds.

This unique product doesn’t stop delivering an amazing user experience there, the addition of the glass water bubbler further improves flavor and cools the vapor perfectly before it is inhaled. But wait it gets better still. The Switch is chargeable so you can move the unit around your house easily to where you need it. It holds a charge better then any other unit I’ve tested before. I used the Switch 3 to 6 sessions a day for a week and didn’t run out of charge!

Dr. Dabber Switch Product Quality 

The build quality is outstanding, the moment you open the high-quality storage box to expose the Switch in all it’s glory; you’ll be instantly impressed. The unit is made of quality materials and makes use of tactile surfaces to create a beautiful product that I liken to buying an Apple product.

When you easily assembly the Switch with its glass bubbler you’ll know you are handling something very different then you’ve experienced before.

The frosted glass induction area at the top of the unit glows beautifully with different soft LED light which is not only functional but adds ambiance to your vape experience.

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch only for Cannabis Concentrates?

The Switch has two operational modes available to the user which are Oil or Dry Herb, to turn on the unit you just flick the switch to oil if you are smoking concentrates or dry herb. This sets the unit up to the correct operating temperatures for your consumables. In oil mode the Switch easily replaces electric nails and dab rigs which I find to be intimidating and unsafe. I’ve only dabbled with concentrates because of the intimidating rigs and open flames. The Switch changes that all by creating a perfect user-friendly concentrate experience.

The first time I fired up the Switch on oil mode and tried just a tiny bit of Death Bubba OG shatter I was instantly wrecked but being newish to concentrates I stupidly took another big hit. That’s when 20 minutes mysteriously disappeared, and I found myself entranced staring at the beautiful light show the Switch creates. Just two good hits on the Switch I was in orbit, I would have to say higher then I’ve ever been before. The hits were flavorful and smooth and created massive vapor clouds as I exhaled the tasty vapor.

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch is Easy to Use?

I couldn’t get over how easy the Switch was to use for cooking concentrates. All the stigma and concern about smoking concentrates floated away with my cool clean buzz. To prepare the Switch just flip the power button to Oil. Then grab the black ceramic induction cup and put a piece of concentrate in it, use the reverse grip tweezers to place the cup into the top of the Switch unit. I then set the temperature to the fourth highest default heat setting and pressed the go button. Cover up the bubbler with the glass cover and wait 5 seconds for the Switch to glow green; that means the machine has reached it’s requested operating temperature.

Another great function of the Switch is that it’s not constantly heating your concentrates, after a smoke cycle which lasts about 2 big hits for me the unit cools down so that your material isn’t cooking. When your ready for another hit just press the go button and in 5 seconds the device will glow green again and you’ll be good to go. You can create custom heat settings as well as adjust the length of a session which means you can really dial the Switch in to your style and save a lot of cannabis.

Dr. Dabber Switch Self-cleaning Option

When you are operating the Switch in “oil mode” there is an option to self clean the concentrate cup while it’s still sitting in the Switch. Just press the up button until the Switch reaches its highest level and then hold the “up” button down for 5 seconds and then release. This will instantly super heat the ceramic induction cup and burn away all the remaining sludge. You’ll want to do this under a fan because it does incinerate the left-over material. Very handy!

A word of warning to potential buyers of the Switch, the glass loading tool and carb cap combo is extremely fragile. Though it serves its function as a mixing stick and a cap for the bubbler the stem of the glass shaft is extremely thin and fragile. The first time I got blasted on the switch I fumbled that glass top and broke the stem instantly on my counter. I was able to order a replacement part for $25 bucks, but I was smart and ordered two because I know I’ll break it again at some point.

Just because you have an auto clean option for the induction cup doesn’t mean there is no other maintenance on the Dr. Dabber Switch. When using concentrates especially you’ll notice that buildup will start to appear in the bubbler and in the seating, area where the induction cup sits. You’ll need to carefully clean your glass with alcohol to avoid oil build up. I used Q-tips and alcohol to clean the induction area which experiences build up no mater how carefully you place the concentrate into the induction cup. The maintenance isn’t really anything out of the ordinary for a vaporizer.

The Dr. Dabber Switch for Vaporizing Cannabis Flower

Since I’m a dry herb guy at heart I was looking forward to flipping the button to select the dry flower setting on the Switch. As easy as flipping over to dry herb and the unit is ready to go. To vape dry herb, grab the white induction cup that is provided with the unit. The black cup is for concentrates and the white cup for dry herb. The composition of the cups is different and are specifically designed so don’t mix them up.

To load the induction cup just drop in finely ground cannabis and pack it in. Use the reverse tweezers to place the cup into the top of the Switch unit and you are ready to go. Select your heat level, I found that the middle heat option worked best for me, on the top level I experienced burnt tasting draws and the material was blackened when I cleaned it out.

As soon as your take a draw from the water bubbler you’ll really start to taste the terpenes in your cannabis. The taste of your cannabis comes through clean and clear, better then with my go to conduction vaporizer.

I did find that I cooked a loaded cup of cannabis in one session of two hits completely. I didn’t find that I was able to produce the same heavy vapor clouds as when I was smoking concentrates. Cleaning the cup is a little difficult as you can’t use the Switches auto clean function on dry herb. I needed to use a small tool to pull the used dry material out of the cup before loading it again. The Switch isn’t as efficient with dry herb as it is with the concentrates as it took 4 large hits over two sessions to get reasonably high, but not blasted into orbit like I was in oil mode.

Dr. Dabber Switch Product Review

My initial excitement of smoking concentrates with the Switch didn’t wear off over the weeks I’ve been testing the device. The Switch does a perfect job vaporizing all forms of concentrates and provides the user with clean cool tasty vapor that packs a punch. Once I customized my session length and temperature I settled in nicely with this vaporizer.

I love the features, quality and function of the Switch but found that dry herb mode was less than exciting for me. For dry herb I’m still using my V-Tower but now that I have a comfortable easy option for concentrates, I’m liking the oil mode plenty.

If you are someone who loves concentrates and superior performance, then the Switch is for you. If you are a dry herb first person, I think there are better options for less money that would suit your needs.


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