July 9, 2018

The Top 4 Pre Roll Packs for Oregon Summer

July 9, 2018
These 4 cannabis pre roll packs have you set for your summer adventure in Oregon.

Pre rolls (or what we have come to call joints in the legalized and regulated cannabis market) are essential year round in my opinion, but there is something about summer that just makes me feel like I should have one on me at all times. Pre rolls have been, are, and always will be the most social way of consuming cannabis, because the whole idea is to share them and pass them throughout the party or concert or whatever setting you may be in. Observing the ways that companies have decided to put pre rolls together in packs, rather than just in individual dube tubes, has been so fun to do in Oregon, and SO needed! Purchasing pre rolls in packs not only cuts down on packaging, but generally gives you more for your buck and makes it wayyyy easier to load up for that summer event or outdoor experience you have been waiting for.

I have to say that I feel both honored and excited to be able to have such amazing cannabis companies to choose from in Oregon, and that I commend all of them in continuing to be dedicated to helping this industry take shape. But, we all have our favorites and these 4 farms are doing so many things to help both the industry and the movement overall. Hats off to each of them, and thanks for making these rad pre roll packs so that we can all enjoy our Oregon summer just a little bit more!

Fuegos byYerba Buena

​The Fuegos top the list of our pre roll packs. Not only are they filled with clean grown cannabis buds (as Yerba Buena says, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Smoke Trim”), but they are in a mini tin that ensures your joints will stay fresh and not get crushed, even if you shove them in a pocket or jammed full backpack. The Fuegos features 5 perfectly packed 1/2 gram all-flower pre-rolls in a 100% recyclable pocket-sized tin with a compostable seal. Yerba Buena uses only hand-trimmed flowers, ground and packed carefully to ensure an even burn. This pack has you ready to roll, whether you’re heading to a backyard party or a day on the river.

Variety Pack bySugartop Buddery

​This pack is made of a sturdy and beautifully decorated eco-friendly hemp fiber cardboard and has a pre roll for whatever mood you may desire on your summer days. With artwork that goes along with the company’s theme of community, art, and music, SugarTop Buddery has created the Variety Pack to showcase 5 “stubby bat” 0.6 gram pre rolls of their top grade strains, currently featuring Lodi Dodi, Narnia, Green Crack, Black Cherry Cheesecake and Critical Mass CBD. If you want a mellow mood for laying on the beach or something more energizing for a summer swim or hike, this pack has all the options at your fingertips.

Luckey’s byPhantom Farms

​I have been following the Luckey’s brand for some time, and they were actually the very first pre roll pack I ever got my hands on in Oregon a few years ago. I have loved them ever since! The packs are made with all recyclable material and include 7 half gram pre-rolls in each one. They are perfect for groups or for those that like to enjoy their favorite strain over a long period of time with convenient storage. Something about that square packaging just feels so nice in your hand, too.

Joint Pack bySelf Made Cannabis Company

​These little tiny packs of 4 half gram pre rolls slide into your purse or pocket just like a pack of gum! With packaging that is sealed for freshness, the packs are small enough to be super discreet and the smaller size of the pre rolls are perfect for solo smoking or for a few to share. Self Made Cannabis makes their pre rolls from premium flower, never shake. After breaking up nugs by hand their team sifts through the ground up flower a minimum of three times to help ensure a perfect, even burning smoke every time.

Honorable mention:

The 4 Pack fromPhantom Farms

The Phantom Farms 4-Pack is combination of their 1 gram and 2-pack ½ gram pre-rolls. Instead of a pack, these pre rolls are in separate dube tubes that are placed alongside each other in a package. Included in the pack are 4 different strains, one over 18% THC, one high CBD, and two of their own genetics.

Pre Rolls (in glass dube tubes) fromGrown Rogue

Again, not a pack but probably the best dube tubes I have seen thus far in the Oregon market. Grown Rogue chose to use glass (rather than plastic) packaging for their pre rolls, and nitrogen sealed their pre-rolls for a freshness guarantee of “quality you can hear” upon opening the seal. Also, the pre rolls are clearly labeled with both a mood (relax, optimize, groove, uplift, or energize) and strain for easy shopping selection.

Lowell Smokes fromLowell Herb Co.

Since this article was specific to Oregon pre roll packs, I could not include this brand…but if I could have it would have been #1, hands down. They are beautifully branded, with some piece of the company’s mission or vision under each flap or tab you look under. The pack includes 7 pre rolls that pull out of the top like a drawer (the pack is cardboard but feels and operates more like wood) and a small pack of matches in the top complete with a match strike. Packaging is labeled with both the farms and strains in each pack, as well as with the general category of flower they include (sativa, indica, hybrid). Like I said…best one, hands down!


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