October 29, 2018

Tips to Cultivate Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

October 29, 2018
Read on to learn more tips to cultivate these seeds trouble-free.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds, also known as the automatic seeds, are relatively new to the market. They have only begun to be sold in the commercial market just a few years ago. Due to the ease of growing them and their ability to survive around the year, they have become quite famous amongst the sellers and the buyers. You might be aware of how the conventional cannabis seeds require the fulfillment of certain conditions, such as an ample amount of light. This is where the autoflowering cannabis seeds differ. They grow with the passage of time automatically, irrespective of the lighting. You just need to set the conducive environment for them to grow.

Put Ruderalis cannabis into use

Unlike the strains such as Sativa and indica, Ruderalis grows without the need of the external factors. It grows with age. Thus, Ruderalis strain is the one that you have been searching for the cultivation of the autoflowering cannabis seeds. However, there is one slight demerit to the ruderalis seeds. They produce a lower quality of marijuana all by itself. Hence, the key here is to combine the genetics of ruderalis with indica or sativa for gaining the potency you expect.

Sowing containers

Since the automatic seeds have a faster pace of growth, you can choose a container to sow the seeds in. Take a container of around 20 liters that has drainage holes in it. This shall allow the seeds to grow healthier. The surroundings of the seeds also play a vital role in ensuring that. Make sure you grow them in colder places. Their need for a cool environment justifies their popularity in the cold countries like Russia and China. Maintain a temperature of at most 20-25 C and the relative humidity at around 60%.

Prepare the correct soil

The potting that you buy from the regular shop might not be a good fit to grow these seeds. They require an environment including airy soil, which is light and low on nutrients. One way to make use of this kind of soil is to prepare it on your own. It might sound like a task but is quite an easy process.


  • Peat moss
  • compost
  • Pre-wet perlite
  • Pre-wet vermiculite

Now, mix 1 portion of the vermiculite, 2 of the pre-wet perlite, and 3 each of peat moss and compost. The resultant soil shall be ideal for the growth of your autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Proper Nutrition

The autoflowering seeds do not require many nutrients. All they need is water for the first 2 weeks of their growth. Start adding a portion of the nutrients to the seeds from the second week onwards. Keep increasing the amount as the time passes and halt at the sixth week. Change the set of nutrients you use once the flowering stage begins. It is ideal to make a switch when the seeds are a week into the flowering stage.


As discussed above, the growth of autoflowering seeds is defined by their age and not by the lighting. Hence, you can keep them indoors and outdoors both. Cultivating them indoor actually ensures that the strain remains healthy and sturdy. Just make sure you put them under considerable light for about 18-24 hours a day. The seeds require the use of blue lights while at the growing stage, whereas the red lights favor the flowering stage.

The autoflowering seeds make up for a great choice to grow the seeds throughout the year at a faster pace. Since they can be grown outdoors as well as indoors, the farmers benefit hugely out if it. Hence, it is now the appropriate time to consider making a shift to these seeds for an exceptional production.


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