March 12, 2019

The Top 5 Apps for Medical Cannabis Users

March 12, 2019
Apps are becoming increasingly important in our lives, check out the top apps for medical cannabis users.

We use our smartphones for everything nowadays, so it only makes sense to have apps on our phone that are convenient to use to accommodate our busy lifestyles.

Below are the top apps that you can use to make your medical cannabis use easier, save money, and maybe score some cannabis swag along the way.

Strain Print

A useful tracking tool that helps medical cannabis users track the type of strains they use and understand what works best for them. You can enter the type of conditions and symptoms you are experiencing to see what types of strains are more suitable for your use.

Strainprint helps you customize your experience so moving forward you can make an more informed choice as to what works for you and your body.

Earn loyalty points for every tracked session. Redeem points for great swag and discounts for cannabis dispensaries or licensed producers.

Available for IOS and Android devices.


Weedmaps is one of the largest and most comprehensive marijuana directories as well as a massive cannabis resource. It provides the most up-to-date and accurate listings throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, and anywhere cannabis is legal.

Weedmaps is a great resource to help you locate doctors and cannabis retailers near you.

It comes with product reviews, daily deals for name brands, and retailers, as well as a load of cannabis information.

Weedmaps is available on IOS and Android for free.

Mass Roots

A community resource based app where you can network, engage with like-minded people. It is like a ‘Facebook for Cannabis people’. You can follow people, share content, photos, video and build a community of cannabis friends.

You can also read product ratings, share canna stories, learn about methods and techniques from pros to regular users of cannabis.

Available for IOS and Android devices.


A budding company (No pun intended) with the concept of UBER with a twist, providing cannabis delivery at your door service. Order off their app, at the convenience at your home and track your driver until it reaches your door to receive your package.

In addition Eaze can help you connect to a doctor who will prescribe medicinal cannabis and arrange for you to apply for a medical cannabis card.

Eaze makes it easy and accessible for you to purchase and receive your cannabis, this is especially useful for patients that are older and also with reduced mobility.

Eaze is available on iOS and Android for free (but only available in the US for now).

Check outthereliefleaf.comfor more canna friendly articles and exclusive vendor discounts.


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