January 4, 2012

Have You Ever Burped Marijuana Smoke?

January 4, 2012
marijuana burps

marijuana burpsThe Weed Burp Is A Marijuana Phenomenon

For those of you that have never experienced the ‘weed burp,’ essentially when you exhale not all of the smoke comes out of your lungs. When you burp normally, you exhale air. So if there is marijuana smoke still in your lungs and you burp, some smoke comes out with your exhaled air. It doesn’t happen to me that often, but it does occur. There are people all over the marijuana forums on various sites that have experienced this before too.

It reminds me of one of my favorite marijuana stories of all time. I was a young teenager and had just started smoking marijuana. I was hanging out with my best friend and his cousin, and we sneaked away to smoke some brick weed that the cousin had scored from an older friend. We were hitting that metal pipe full of bammer like there was no tomorrow for probably twenty minutes, but admittedly I was new to smoking marijuana and can’t be certain how long it really was.

When we got back to the cousin’s apartment, the parents were home. The dad was watching TV, and the mom was at the kitchen table doing something. We all sat down and started watching TV too when the mom asked a question to the dad. As she rounded the corner to hear the dad better, the cousin burped a cloud of marijuana smoke that you would mistake for a full fresh hit! I had seen the weed burp before at this point, but only right after hits. This was the teenage stoner’s nightmare, the ‘ delayed marijuana burp.’

After a moment of shock and awe, I looked at the mom’s face which was like ‘what the f was that?!’ I then turned to the dad who had the look of ‘is my son a dragon?’ plastered on his face. Finally, I looked at the cousin who had just belched the marijuana smoke cloud into the room, who looked like he had just been given a death sentence. The parents immediately told me and my best friend to leave, and we later found out that the cousin confessed. His explanation? ‘How in the f#@ck am I supposed to come up with an explanation for that other than the truth? There is no other explanation!’ His exact words…


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