April 9, 2014

How To Grow the Blueberry Marijuana Strain Indoors

April 9, 2014
A picture of blueberry marijuana strain being grown indoor cannabis cultivation.

As medical and recreational adult-use marijuana legalization spreads state-by-state, cannabis consumers are presented with a myriad of cannabis strains and products as well as the option to pursue personal cultivation in some areas. These emerging legal cannabis markets dramatically broaden the variety of available cannabis and provide an opportunity to educate consumers and the public on the medicinal benefits of specific cannabis strains and cannabis cultivation. This article will provide detailed strain information and cultivation tips for the highly sought after, always delicious, (Blueberry strain).

Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry is a popular west coast strain created by breeder, DJ Short. Genetically, Blueberry comes from a variety of crossed Landrace strains, including Thai, Purple Thai, and Afghani. The fruity, blueberry aroma largely exclusive to this strain of marijuana has created a reputation worldwide inspiring cultivators to use Blueberry strain genetics for their own breeding projects. 

One of the distinguishing features of the Blueberry marijuana plant is its impressive coloration. Early on, the plant will exude some characteristic red and purple colors, but as it ages, it will start to manifest some distinct and beautiful blues. The plant itself frequently smells of fruit and blueberries, making it somewhat of an air freshener for any cultivator. The plants are often sturdy, making stems difficult to break for harvest.

Blueberry is an indica-dominant strain with about 17% THC, which means it produces relaxing, sedative effects most suitable for evening consumption. Many consumers use Blueberry to reduce pain and stress by enjoying a long-lasting sense of euphoria with each puff. If you’re new to marijuana or searching for uplifting, stimulating effects, I’d suggest finding a sativa strain instead of Blueberry. However, the full-bodied flavor and vibrant aroma will be as difficult to pass up as a joint passed to you. 

Blueberry Strain Cultivation Techniques

The best Blueberry strain thrives outdoors. With this cannabis strain, start early in your greenhouse by being ready to plant after the last frost. Your climate should be between 65 and 80°F, but Blueberry can handle colder nighttime temperatures without significantly affecting yield. When (growing the Blueberry strain outdoors) it will produce its best buds, so discover what the plant can do under the natural sun. 

Utilize appropriate light amounts and mix quality nutrients with your soil to watch the Blueberry stems skyrocket. With a blueberry outdoor grow, you can prepare the soil with most of the nutrients your cannabis plants will need before they are in the ground. Provide 16 hours of light with 6 hours of darkness for the vegetative growth stage. As the plants enter the flowering stage, switch to 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness, and top dress your soil with worm castings and bat guano. 

Proper pruning will make your blueberry plants produce prolifically. Top each plant to create a bush shape which will increase yields. Frequently observe and prune the insides of the plants as well to prevent the presence of powdery mildew and bud rot. 

The blueberry flowering time is between 7 and 9 weeks, and the plants themselves will grow between 20 and 40 inches tall. The blueberry strain yield is approximately 15 ounces per 10 square feet. Both autoflower and feminized options are available with Blueberry seeds. 

Blueberry Strain Flowering Time

Blueberry StrainBlueberry Kush
Flowering tIme7-9 weeks8-10 weeks
Cultivation DifficultyEasyDifficult

How to Grow Blueberry Kush Indoors

We’ll describe how to grow Blueberry Kush indoors so you can grow beautiful Blueberry Kush like this.

Blueberry Kush is perfect for an indoor hydroponic setup. Remove any vegetation that isn’t in the canopy to promote air flow and direct the growth upward. The Blueberry Kush flower time is 8-10 weeks. While this strain is difficult to grow, it will produce dense colas and high yields. The climate-controlled environment should stay between 68 and 80°F with humidity below 40% when flowering. Since Blueberry Kush is a picky strain, it will require heavy feedings of CalMag and nitrogen, but don’t lock out any nutrients. 

How Long Does it Take to Grow Blueberry Kush?

Blueberry Kush takes approximately 8-10 weeks to flower, with an expected yield of about 23 ounces per plant outdoors or 7 ounces per square meter. You’ll want to include 2 weeks for proper drying and curing as well, which would increase the total time from seed to sale to 10-12 weeks. 

How Long After Flowering Do Blueberries Appear?

Unfortunately, with the Blueberry cannabis strain no actual blueberries appear after flowering. You’ll be able to taste a delicious blueberry flavor with fruity overtones while you’re smoking this strain, but you won’t receive any nutritional benefit in doing so. I’d suggest pairing this strain with a blueberry dessert or other tangy treat. 

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