April 30, 2014

Monster Cropping Marijuana Plants

April 30, 2014
monster cropping marijuana plants

monster cropping marijuana plants

Monster Cropping (a.k.a. Flowering Clones) is new method of growing that one of our members brought to my attention. Monster Cropping essentially involves taking clones from flowering marijuana plants, and then rooting those clones. They will reenter vegetative state and eventually create super-bushy plants with a large amount of nodes and branches. This method was dubbed “Monster Cropping,” because that’s exactly what you’ll end up with—huge, monster plants.

Flowering plants typically aren’t a source for clones, and most experts will tell you that it goes against most rules of cannabis cultivation. Even so, the science behind Monster Cropping is legitimate, and you will certainly enjoy the results.

Start by taking clones of a marijuana plant that is about 3 weeks (21 days) into the flowering stage. This is usually the ideal time to take the clones, but you can also take clones later on without affecting the results. Lower branches are ideal for cloning because they haven’t become stiff, and they will root faster than something like the top cola. Take the cutting and place it in a glass of water. Let it sit there for some time so that no air finds its way into the vascular system (a problem that can be fatal for the plant). The cut needs to be made along the stem so as to increase the surface area for the uptake of water and/or nutrients (depending on the cloning technique you’re using). In my own experience, a small hydroponic system or a propagation bubbler is easily the best option for cloning marijuana plants. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more tips about growing marijuana plants.

You will have to go back to a vegetative light schedule for the clone (18/6, 20/4, or 24/0). These clones won’t need much light, and you can get away with using a single small CFL bulb. Removing buds at this point will encourage the plant to go back to the vegetative state, but do not mess with the flower on the apex.

The clones should root in several weeks’ time, but some will never take root. To combat this, make sure you take a large number of clones so that at least one will take root and survive. You may want to put the clones inside of a humidity dome. These can be found at gardening centers or you can custom build one to meet your own needs. The increased humidity of the dome ensures that the plants won’t dry out, wither, and die. Be sure to ventilate the dome each day to avoid a mold infestation.

The most important aspect of cloning is to give the cuttings enough oxygen. A propagation bubbler is perfect for doing just that.

The marijuana clones won’t be anything spectacular to begin with, but, when they root, they will start reverting into vegetative state. The clones will start growing once they’ve rooted adequately, and they will produce single un-serrated leaves to begin with. Normal leaves will start to follow soon after. Applying some training might be wise during this stage. Simply tie down some of the tops to encourage an increase in branching. Adding a little heat underneath the clones will increase the rate of the rooting process substantially.

As the marijuana plant starts to grow, the amazing branching power of your flowering clone makes itself known. The plants will turn into genuine monsters, and you don’t even have to top the plant. The great thing about this method is that you can avoid topping and fimming altogether because the flowering clone produces tons of new branches on its own.

This plant is ready for a SCROG or maybe a SOG technique. This single plant can take up all the space in a SCROG net in a relatively short amount of time. Many of the plants grown in SOG will certainly provide a bountiful harvest.

Another benefit to Monster Cropping is that you don’t have to keep any mother plants around. When the clones go through vegetative state and enter flowering stage, they can give you even more clones. The never-ending harvest is recycling at its most efficient. For anyone who needs to limit the amount of plants they have, this idea has significant merit.

All in all, the effectiveness of this technique is largely due to the heavy branching produced by flowering clones that have reentered vegetative state. With some practice and patience, you can get some fantastic monster plants and a gargantuan monster harvest.

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Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com



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