March 4, 2012

Black Six Person Hookah Bong

March 4, 2012
Black Six Person Hookah Bong

Shisha ‘Diwan’ Black Bong

An Egyptian hookah with oriental pattern on the glass base. The main smoke column is made of stainless steel and the base water-chamber is fitted with 6 hose connectors, one of which is closed with a the purge valve. Meaning, this Shisha can easily be fitted with a second hose. All parts are assembled using standard threads, so parts are interchangeable with other standard Shishas.

  • Color: black
  • Material: stainless steel, glass and wood Wooden Mouth Piece and Connector
  • Inlets: 6 hose connectors
  • Accessories: charcoal tongs, metal screen, brush & ‘O’ ring seals
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Black Six Person Hookah Bong

Height: 72 cm / 28.4 inch

Price: $148.00

If you would like to purchase this smoking device, click this link


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