April 11, 2016

As Pokemon Fans Grow Up, So Does The Merchandise

April 11, 2016
pokeman marijuana glass pipes bongs rigs

Dank geekThe millennial generation has arrived, and they’re bringing the 90s pop culture with them. The prominent online headshop, Dank Geek, recently released a new collection of Pokemon themed pipes, bongs, and dab rigs, and they are just as awesome as you imagined. I mean, check out this PokeFlute chillum.

This trend of 90s culture becoming a prominent selling point within the cannabis community highlights the influence of the millennial generation. As the youth culture, and marijuana use as a whole, becomes mainstream, businesses are starting to capitalize on the nostalgia of the 90s. In fact, Dank Geek provides a whole selection of glassware referencing the childhood of the millennial generation. Mario and the gang are frequent designs on pipes and jars, while DragonBall makes an appearance as a dabber set.

For this group of twenty-somethings, long gone are the days of sitting in bed with eyes glued to their Gameboy. Well, maybe not long gone, but now they’re playing stoned. Dank Geek is simply filling a rapidly growing demand from these young people to maintain a childhood nostalgia while partaking in the joys of being an adult.

If this trend continues, which all signs show it will, we can expect this market of young millennials to influence the culture of cannabis throughout the US and around the world. As a result, we’ll see businesses thrive on the wave of tokers coming into the fold of adulthood.

So, thank you, Dank Geek. I’m gonna smoke ’em all!


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