Ogre OG Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

ogre og marijuana strain

Ogre OG Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

Ogre (Master Kush x Bubba Kush) is a 70/30 indica dominant clone only Kush hybrid. Ogre OG has a very earthy smell and taste, with a little sweetness coming from the Bubba. Ogre OG is a very nice strain for pain-relief and sleep.

"OGRE OG knocks your socks off. Stuff is super potent and hard as a rock! Every time I get this strain the buds are super super dense and make a THUMP noise if you drop them on a table. Stoned off me ass on this one. Smells like an amazing flower. Taste excellent." - Ruth4728

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ogre og marijuana strain
ogre og marijuana strain
ogre og marijuana strain 3