May 16, 2011

Dank Marijuana Strain and Edible Review

May 16, 2011
Electric Purp

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October Strain and Edible Reviews

Thu, Oct 1, 2009

October Strain and Edible Reviews


Once was a time when our cannabis options were so limited, you could instantly identify a strain with a single whiff: “[Sniff] That’s Columbian Gold.” “[Sniff] That’s Panama Red.” These days, our choices are so plentiful it would take a connoisseur with a truly gifted palate to identify them all by smell alone. Not so with Cheese, a 100 percent indica and one of the most unique strains we’ve seen in quite a while.


Nothing else in the cannabis world looks, tastes and smells quite like Cheese. Dense, crumbly and pale yellow and amber, it yields a deliciously smooth flavor not unlike how finely aged cheddar would taste–if cheddar were a powerful herb that stones like a freight train with just one hit. A house favorite at San Clemente Co-op in Orange County, Cheese is the right choice for anyone suffering body aches and pains in need of immediate relief.



Electric Purps

Bred from the enormously popular strains Northern Lights and Granddaddy Purple, Electric Purps has itself developed a huge fan base in the South Orange County area. Part of the reason for that is its wonderfully spicy taste and aroma. The sweet smoothness of its Northern Lights lineage combines with the pungency of Granddaddy Purple to create a rich and exotic flavor reminiscent of sour red grapes.


But more enticing is its famous potency. Electric Purps produces a relaxing, full-body stone that lasts for hours, but doesn’t induce the kind of lethargy for which so many other pure indicas are known. The result is an excellent pain medicine for chemotherapy patients and those afflicted with severe migraines.



17th Street OG Kush

An indica/sativa blend unique to South Coast Patient Center in Santa Ana, 17th Street OG Kush is yet another gifted child of the prodigious ChemDawg (which helped give us OG Kush and Sour Diesel). Its precise lineage is unclear–ChemDawg is a mostly sativa strain, while 17th Street is reputedly heavy on the indica.


Whatever its exact parentage, this strain is a beauty. The pear-shaped buds are loaded with large, sticky nugs wrapped in golden and pale-red tendrils. The bouquet is pure Diesel–sour-sweet with a hidden note of wild berries. We found the high to come on strong and last a couple of hours before settling in to a pleasant, luxuriously low-key buzz. It’s an outstanding remedy for arthritis pain and other joint and bone ailments.



Diablo OG Kush


A wildly popular strain descended from the Blueberry and Grapefruit lines (with some South African sativa thrown in the mix), Diablo OG Kush has been alternately called “Devil’s Weed” for its strong high and “Angel’s Weed” for its lemon-fruity taste. Whatever you call it, Diablo OG is serious medicine.


Pale green and white with bright orange strands (and nugs resembling little claws, to continue the devil metaphor), two hits from this indica-dominated strain yields a deeply euphoric stone that lasts about two hours. The strength of Diablo OG and its anti-inflammatory properties makes it a great medicine for MS patients and arthritis sufferers.



Knockout Brownies


From the good people at the San Bernardino Patients Association in Chino comes this astoundingly delicious and potent edible. Each package comes with two moist chocolate brownies with a full gram of shake baked right in and a half-gram of high-grade hash blended into the German chocolate frosting. At triple the strength of your average edible, you’d be wise not to consume more than one per sitting.


We sampled one over a two-hour period, and can attest to a very strong, mellow, full-body stone that took 20 minutes to settle in but lasted about 4 hours. For arthritis and back pain sufferers, this is a good edible to consume just after dinner.



Captain Treasure Treats


What’s better than a crispy rice treat loaded through and through with crunchy sweet Fruit Loops-type cereal? A medically enhanced crispy rice treat loaded with Fruit Loops-type cereal! Another specialty of the San Bernardino Patients Center, this yummy treat isn’t the most powerful edible around, but it’s definitely one of the best tasting.


Lost in all its marshmallow goodness is that overpowering taste of cannabis–and while some can’t get enough of the flavor of weed, can we help it if we think a crispy rice treat that tastes like an honest-to-goodness crispy rice treat is a plus? Given its deliciousness and the moderate buzz it produces, this is the perfect medicine for novice medical-cannabis consumers experiencing low to moderate muscle or joint pain.


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